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Warts and All is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Mighty Magiswords, and the seventy-third episode overall. It is available to watch on the Cartoon Network website as of August 23, 2018. It aired in the United States on May 6, 2019.


Witchy Simone accidentally turns Vambre into a frog and Prohyas and Witchy try to change her back.


Magiswords Used

  • Banana Peel Magisword
  • Frog Missile Magisword (two)
  • Dairy Product Magisword
  • Looky Here Magisword (debut)
  • Stuffed Animal Magisword
  • Muscly Arm Magisword
  • Brick Magisword
  • Pillow Magisword
  • Flyswatter Magisword


  • Eyecatch: Using the Glowstick Magisword, Vambre, Grup and Noville rave dance with glowsticks.
  • Omnibus had no speaking lines in this episode.
  • There were a few Japanese references throughout the episode:
    • The scene when Prohyas put a stuffed wolf in the cauldron, a backdrop appeared that said "KAWAII!"
    • Prohyas cried "Yatta!" triumphantly.
    • Vambre in her anime-esque form whe she says about her elegant non-frog self.



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