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Warriors for Hire HQ is the home and businessplace of the Warrior sibblings, Vambre and Prohyas. The Warriors solve problems for the denizens of Rhyboflavin by going on missions, with each mission having a standard fee of 50 gems (though many of their customers often seem to pay extra). Although their clientele seems somewhat limited, they have a few regular customers, including Princess Zange, The Mysterious Hooded Woman, Fud, and Omnibus. When the Warriors are on a mission, they often obtain magiswords along the way as rewards. Warriors for Hire Apartament is actually an apartment owned by Mr. Pachydermus whom the Warriors fear if they do not pay their rent on time.

Their motto is "Welcome to Warriors for Hire where your issue is our mission!".

The Warriors' arch-rivals and main business competitors are Gateaux and Morbidia of Witch Way, who use dark magic to solve their clients' problems.

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