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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 19 August 2018

Flatmate 5-6

Chapter 5

Prohyas found himself flying through the air with a stone slate with engravings on it. Prohyas was suddenly picked out of the air by Monkey Chunks. "Be careful Monkey Chunks, we do not want to damage the slab. Mmm-hmm." Bibila advised from the Sasquatch's shoulder.

"One accent slab, straight from the Dinosaur kingdom. Just as you asked." Prohyas spoke with pride as he offered it to Bibila, who stretched her arms to a ridiculous degree and swapped the slab for a bag of gems.

"This will really tie the Jurassic section together. Mmm-hmm." Bibila mentioned.

"Wouldn't a rug do the same job?" Prohyas asked.

This caused an awkward silence until Monkey Chunks decided to throw Prohyas into the air. "Good boy." Biblia praised.

Soon, at Norman an…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 18 August 2018

Flatmate pt 3-4

The Magiswords Flatmate saga continues...

Chapter 3

Last time, Prohyas and Witchy Simone had just finished escorting Princess Zange while she shopped for clothes. Simone was exhausted and had a twisted ankle from the fighting pirates. But as soon as they got back, they was interrupted by a blinding light.


The light subsided to show that they was inside a cave. "Where are we?" Simone asked as she looked around.

"Beats me." Came a familiar voice. Simone and Prohyas turned around to see it was Familiar himself and Bimm was by his side.

"I think I know where this is going." Prohyas commented with a deadpan tone.

"Do you?" A high pitch voice questioned, and with a crackle of lightning the owner of the voice appeared. It was none other than Mr Flu…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 17 August 2018


This fanfic is written and story by Numbah10-4

Chapter 1

At Slug-burger, cholesterol!

It was a normal day for Witchy Simone as she was taking customers orders, and handing out of the requested food. She handed a customer a tray, loaded with their requested items, they moved aside, revealing a sobbing Prohyas.

Prohyas was stood with his arms sagging while his over sized flowed constant rivers of tears.

"Prohyas!?" Witchy Simone gasped. "What happened!? Where's Vamber!?"

Prohyas tried to speak but in came out as nothing more than babbling.

Simone was brought back to the last time she saw him like this. It was back when they went to adventure academy, and Prohyas had lost Dolphin Magisword. Vamber asked Simone to try and comfort him while she search…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 16 August 2018

Kitty Love

This fanfic story 8s weitten by Karaifan16

At Warrior for Hire HQ

Vamber was reading the latest volume in the 'Veronica Victorious' series while lying down on the couch. "This has got to be the best volume yet," she said as she flipped through the pages. She then heard a knock at the door, she got up and open the door and saw that it was hers and Prohyas former classmate Bimm. "Bimm, what brings you here? Do you and Familiar need help on a job?"

"Uh, actually I came here to get you advice on something. May I come in?" Bimm asked.

"Well of course, come sit down," Vamber said as she let her in. They sat down on the couch. Grup came in with cup of milk on his plate for their guest. "This is Grup, our roommate and best friend," she said introducin…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 15 August 2018

Mighty Magiswords: Pranks for Nothing

This fanfiction belongs to DanXGoodWolf

Announcer: At Mount M'all! Supply and Demand!

  • At the large indoor shopping plaza, as with other shoppers, Darrin was about shopping for a few special supplies*

Darrin: [checking list] Okay, let's see! Still need to head for the Printed Page for some of Vambre's books, then the apothicary for Drew's potion stuff, and then... *Suddenly the sound of fireworks starts to go off* What in the world? Is the mall under attack? *he goes off to explore the incident*

  • It would then, Darrin found out it would Morbidia and Gateaux from Witch Way who caused the fireworks*

Morbidia: *Exageratted* Come to Witch Way! For All your Adventuring, Witchcraft, and Spellcasting needs!

Gateaux: Witchcraft!

Morbidia: Witch Way! Purveyor…

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