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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 21 December 2018

Mighty Magiswords s2 episode review 2nd part

This review were made by I.R. Shokew & Glasscake

Part 3:

Like Water for Bimm (Mid High Tier) - I'll give it props for showing more development for Catty Rumpus, especially Bimm. I also found her adorable as a water creature at one point. This episode came out pretty good. This would be the first truly great episode in this batch, had Vambre come off so OOC (at best) / punchable (at worst) for over half the episode. Plus, if I didn't bring it up earlier, this is where I feel this show's animation / art-style budget really took a hit. Almost everything looks and feels so cheap, now - something I definitely noticed in this episode's climax with the water demon fight, for example.

The Ballad of Sailor Sidney (Mid Tier) - I was disappointed that Si…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 20 December 2018

Mighty Magiswords s2 episode review

This review was made by I.R. Shokew & Glasscake

So, here we are at the end of this rough-around-the-edges series... Let's critique/praise/diss on some stuff:

Part 1:

Warts and All (Low Tier) - Our first act of return for this series soon-to-end... And it's a real drag to sit through. At the very least, we know why Witchy Simone is so bad at what she does most of the time: abusing substitutes are NOT the answer to everything - taking the cheap way out is almost as wasteful as being hasty on things, after all. Not helping, Prohyas comes off dumber than usual, alongside Witchy Simone, making it all the more a chore to sit through. It's time like this where Vambre should've punched some faces in at the end - out of disciplinary love.

Manlier Fish t…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 21 August 2018

Flatmate 11-12

This was the last chapter of the "Flatmate" saga. Happy reading!

Chapter 11

At Witchy Simone's apartment.

Prohyas and Simone were trying to brew a position together, using the book Prohyas bought.

"Okay, I'm gonna actually pass Adventure Academy I need to be able to make some tough positions. And the invulnerable position is as tough as they get." Simone mentioned as she held one end of the book.

"I got us all of the ingredients." Prohyas announced with a black eye and a few bruises, as he held the other end over the book.

Simone looked at him for a moment. "Are you sure you don't want me to look at them?" Simone asked as she pointed to his injuries.

"It's fine, it's fine" Prohyas waved her off.

Witchy look at him a little longer before shrugging.…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 20 August 2018

Flatmate 9-10

Chapter 9

At The Barren Faceland. Sandy!

Simone was flying her Golden Broomstick Magisword with Prohyas on the back through a raging sandstorm. "I can't see notin'!" Simone called out over the roaring winds. Using one hand to drive and the other to hold onto her hat.

"Don't you have a spell for this!?" Prohyas asked as he shielded his eyes.

"Messin' with a cloud or two, is one thing! Stopin' the wind itself is another!" Simone answers back.

Suddenly a smaller version of the Legendary Knowledge Magisword appears. "Witchy! We need to Land!" He announces as the mini Magisword disappears.

"You do know what's causing this sandstorm, right!?" Simone questions. On que a loud snore rearranges the sand beneath them, and redirects the flow of the wind. Th…

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Redfox90210 Redfox90210 19 August 2018

Flatmate 7-8

Chapter 7

Simone and Prohyas were on the Golden Broomstick Magisword and being chased by Frostferatu through Transylberia in his bat forum. Snow battered the faces of the three. "He's following us!" Prohyas called out.

"Then do something about it!" Simone responded.

"On it!"

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword.

"Is that Frostferatu?" Zombie Pumpkin asked.

"Yeah, do you think you can rid of him buddy?" Prohyas asked.

"I can try. But he's very grumpy." Z.P. responds. Prohyas gives Zombie Pumpkin a handful of pumpkin seeds. Z.P. ate them and then spat them at Frostferatu. Frostferatu dodged the constant fire of seeds. Prohyas stopped firing and groaned. "Hold still Frosty!" He called.

"That's not my..." Prohyas quickly fired seeds at him, and the seeds grew vin…

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