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Hey! Redfox here! And this is my Personal Profile about my gallery some of my fave characters and posting fanart.

All about Gateaux & other characters


Magiswords staffs artwork

Fave Characters

This is about the former Adventure Academy students as I affectionately called "The Adventure Squad" (not necesscarily in order):

  • Gateaux - My all time favorite character of all times! And he's the best sorcerer ever! Now I know why his VA Arin Hanson, has Starbomb animated music videos. I really don't mind when he repeats words to others. If he's craving affections I could just touch his weird cat face and of course, cuddle him! He should maje friends with the Warrior siblings.
  • Neddy the Mallet - He may be a bear who is overconfident, but I still find him adorbs! I always think of him as a teddy bear cuz y'know I used to like teddy bears. I just can't get enough of him.
  • Morbidia - She's totes gorgeous!!! I don't even like her stubborn attitude, but I love it when she's making those random explosive expressions unimaginable. By the way, she's the best witch ever!
  • Witchy Simone - Love her accent. She should collect more Magiswords someday, instead of using her magic. I really wish she and Morbidia get along more. Still, she's the bestest witch also.
  • Vambre - Some people claim she has an extra thicc thighs! Anyway, she awesome!!! I wish she needs to drop her accent one day.
  • Prohyas - Again he's awesome!!! I really find him very handsome and attractive for his age. He can be a bit goofy sometimes. He is also a junk food junkie!!! He is my fave also!