The Underground Hand Beast is a monster who only appeared in the Mighty Magiswords episode Hands Down.


The Underground Hand Beast was summoned onto the Earth by Prohyas and Vambre while pulling weeds for Old Man Oldman. Vambre tried freezing it with the Snowball Magisword but he caught the mini-snowballs, gathered them into a giant snowball, and threw it back at her.  Prohyas later tried to make him fall asleep with the Sleeping Dragon Magisword which worked until the beast woke himself up by clapping himself.

As the beast attacks the Warriors for Hire, Vambre decided to use a Nail Clipper Magisword against it which snips the Handbeast away, as it shrieks when it flies. They were later rewarded by Hoppus who was sent by the King of Rhyboflavin to reward them for vanquishing it.


Sleep Resistance: The Hand Beast can shake off the effects of the Sleeping Dragon Magisword in a matter of seconds.

Super Strength: The Hand Beast is very powerful as a giant hand capable of causing small quakes.