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The Lanolion Sleeps Tonight is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Mighty Magiswords, and the seventy-eighth episode overall. It is available to watch on the Cartoon Network website as of August 23, 2018. It aired in the United States on May 8, 2019.


Bimm and Familiar shadow the Warriors on a mission in the Sheepy Jungle, but put under such close scrutiny, the Warriors find that they're unable to be themselves!


Magiswords Used

  • Unnamed compass Magisword (debut)
  • Hoverswords
  • Chainsaw Magisword
  • Electric Razor Magisword
  • Dolphin Magisword
  • Oinkus Oinkus Magisword
  • Magnifying Glass Magisword
  • Wad of Gum Magisword
  • Ball of Yarn Magisword


  • This marks Bimm and Familiar's last major appearance.
  • Ironically, in "Too Commercial", Catty Rumpus had a lot of gems by attracting costomers through advertising, but this episode reveals they ended up broke due to not actually doing the jobs.
  • In one scene, Prohyas mentions about "babysitting the richest kids" could be a connection to "Transylbabies" when the Warrior get their jobs as babysitters.



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