Teri Gargantuan

Teri Gargantuan[1] is an anthropomorphic spider who is the guardian of the Spider Magisword. She makes her debut in the short, Stairways & Spiders. She is voiced by Pete Holmes.


Teri's appearance is a huge purple spider with yellow facial fur.


Teri speaks in a flamboyant matter similar to the Attractive Voice Magisword, who she smacked from Prohyas' hand. Teri is very overprotective with her family but is willing to get bygones be bygones when she gets a full understanding of the situation. She has some knowledge of combat as she openly stated that she'd get a better advantage staying on her stairs, but decided to leave the stairs when the Warriors started to mock her. She also has knowledge of the internet and keeps a Magimobile phone in which she took a picture of the Warriors and her babies together and posted it on the web.


  • Super Strength: Being a giant spider, she was able to fight the Warriors at ease regardless of their Magiswords.


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