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Straining Day is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Mighty Magiswords, and the sixty-eighth episode overall. It is available to watch on the Cartoon Network website as of April 29, 2018. It aired in the United States on May 21, 2018.


The Warriors teach Witchy Simone and her Slugburger crew how to use Magiswords. Prohyas teaches the basics while impatient Vambre tries to teach "the good stuff" too fast.


Magiswords Used

  • Walk the Plank Magisword
  • Brick Magisword
  • Lettuce Magisword (debut)
  • Flip Mode Magisword (debut)
  • Super Shooting Star Magisword
  • Onion Magisword
  • Tomato Magisword
  • Neddlessly Complicated Magisword
  • Excaliburger Magisword
  • Robo-Tank Magisword
  • Selective Memory Magisword
  • Monster Suit Magisword
  • Chesse Magisword
  • Flyswatter Magisword

Super Teamwork Combo

  • Spackle Attackle (Walk the Plank Magisword + Brick Magisword)r
  • ??? (Needlessly Complicated Magisword + Excaliburger Magisword + Robo-Tank Magisword + Flipmode Magisword) Turns Slugburger into the Kaijuburger
  • Un-Monsterize (Selective Memory Magisword + Monster Suit Magisword)


  • Eyecatch: Hoppus prepares to fight Prohyas but Prohyas blasts his Clapping Magisword on Hoppus' ears, causing them to clap each other. Hoppus shrugs in annoyance.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Noel Trollblin.
  • Mr. Spoony hire the Warriors to teach the Slugburger how to use magiswords after the events of "Dungeons  and Dayjobs".
  • This was Familar's second minor role and not alongside Bimm. The first episode to do this is "Vambre's Guilty Pleasure".
  • When Mr. Spoony had an idea, the lightbulb appeared and it represent the legendary Knowledge Magisword.
  • This episode aired after series creator Kyle A. Carrozza's birthday (May 20th).
  • This episode reunites Kyle Massey and Greg Cipes who were previously working in the Disney animated show Fish Hooks.



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