Snowmanpires are vampiric beings that reside in Transylberia. There appearances are based on a combination of snowman and vampires with carrot hoses and tuxedo garb complete with top hat. All Snowmanpires share an identical design, with no discernable difference between males and females. There only means of communication is through "Blehmish" which consists of hissing and repeating shouting the stereotypical vampire lingo "Blah!" in Transylvanian accents. They first appeared in the CN Anything micro-shorts and in the game "Hoversword Hussle". Their lord is the nefarious Frostferatu.


Their first appearance in animation was in a CN-Anything micro short where as the Warriors for Hire were walking endlessly in Transylberia, they encounter a hungry Snowmanpire. Vambre uses the Onion Magisword on it but it has no effect as the Snowmanpire can only be affected by garlic causing it to chase Vambre around, proclaiming Vambre who was corrected by Prohyas to "Stop being right this instant!". Prohyas used the Radiator Magisword to smack the Snowmanpire, which actually caused him to melt into a small puddle, exclaiming "Blah!". The magisword later burns Prohyas' hand.


They make their shorts debut in "The Curse of Dummystein" where they fought against Prohyas and were weak against his Radiator Magisword. They later joined the audience at the Dummystein's Comedy Club when the Magisword took Prohyas' voice at the end.

TV Series

Many Snowmanpire characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Tundrala and their children debut in the episode "Transylbabies".

Known snowmanpires

  • Frostferatu
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tundrala
    • Their children


  • Zombie Pumpkin Magisword is able to understand the Snowmanpires and translate for the Warriors, as he is also from Transylberia.