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Snax is Füd's boyfriend and co-host of the "Füd Fit" podcast, who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV series episode, Champion of Breakfasts. He is voiced by Jack McBrayer.


Snax's appearance is very similar to that of Füd, including dark skin and duo-toned hair that covers his eyes. His outfit is a purple masculine version of Füd's, including a purple robe, yellow scarf, yellow sash and white pants with white boots. He also has an orange on his head.


Like Füd, he has a calm and chilled out personality and also speaks in a soft Southern drawl. He seems to have a liking for publicity as he convinced the Warriors to create insulting-commentary to build the audience for the podcast.

TV Series

In his debut "Champion of Breakfasts", Snax and Füd set up their podcast once again to solve the Warriors "Pancake vs Waffles" debut.


  • Snax' name is an obvious pun on "snacks".