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Share and Share Dislike is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Mighty Magiswords, and the twenty-first episode overall. It aired on February 3, 2017.


Super Shooting Star Magisword is the coolest Magisword ever, but Vambre and Prohyas can't seem to share it, and even a quest to reclaim the never-melting ice cube back from Frosteratu can't shake their obsession.


Minor characters

Magiswords used

  • Boulder Magisword (twice)
  • Bunch of Little Holes Magisword (Vambre; 4)
  • Smiley Sticker Magisword (debut)
  • Branch Magisword
  • Tongue Magisword
  • Rubble Spiky Magisword
  • Candlestick Magisword
  • Nose Magisword
  • Oogly Googly Eyes Magisword
  • Shooting Star Magisword (debut)
  • Sticky Note Magisword
  • Parrot Scissors Magisword (debut)
  • Cactus Magisword
  • Beehive Magisword
  • Fireworks Magisword
  • Bling Bling Magisword
  • Excaliburger Magisword
  • Tomato Magisword
  • Monobrow Magisword
  • Chainsaw Magisword
  • Lobster Claw Magisword
  • Sharkblade Magisword
  • Electric Eel Magisword
  • Electric Razor Magisword
  • Mop Magisword
  • Oinkus Oinkus Magisword
  • Clapping Magisword
  • Raincloud Magisword
  • Muscly Arm Magisword
  • Rad Rocket Magisword (Vambre; 6)
  • Ground Pound Magisword
  • Exploding Bubble Magisword
  • Frog Missle Magisword
  • Diving Suit Magisword

Super Teamwork Combo

  • Ribbit Scream (Exploding Bubble + Frog Missle Magisword)


  • Grup Gag: Same as The Tome of Morrow.
  • This episode reveals that Ralphio's last name is Sabreware.
  • Dave (Gruber) Allen, who voices Frostferatu, previously played Dark Blade of Fire in creator Kyle Carrozza's short for Nickelodeon's Random! Cartoons, "MooBeard the Cow Pirate".
  • Vambre and Prohyas' position for tugging the Shooting Star Magisword is similar to the title card.
  • Frostferatu repeats Witchy Simone's "THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" gag when Prohyas fails to remember his name.




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