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Scarriet is one of the new employees of Slug Burger, hired by Witchy simone to cover her shift (or the one she made up) after she became manager. She is currently training in using magiswords for kitchen duties. Scarriet reacts to everything with a uninterested look and emotionless voice.


Scarriet has pale blue skin and wavy black hair. She wears a blue leather coat over a black dress and black boots. while working she wears a white apron and a Slugburger hat.


In Winning at Whining, she works the Slugburger counter at Flummocks' Dungeon, constantly upselling Prohyas in order to make him whine.

In Straining Day, Spoony hires the Warriors to train her and Noel with Magiswords to use in the kitchen. After many failed attempts at basic training, she interferes with Vambre and Simone's super teamwork combo which created the Kaijuburger.


  • Scarriet's design is based off of her actress, Renie Rivas, when she wore Gothic attire.


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