RP-1.3, colloqually known as Robopiggeh, is a character who was featured in episode "Pig Iron", guarding the mountain of the Oinkus-Oinkus Magisword, later retrieved by Vambre and Prohyas. He has since become a minor recurring character.


Robopiggeh has a metal, cylinder-like, long body with bolts, lining up vertically straight. Robopiggeh also has a pig snout with a long, robotic mouth and round robot eyes. His arms and legs are red and telescopic, with simple clasps for hands and hoof-like feet.

After his rescue from Galacton, Robopiggeh has been reduced to only his head.


Robopiggeh is typically an easygoing freespirited character, often appearing as either a friend or enemy depending on the situation. He is very easily distracted however, quickly losing focus at the slightest distraction, and is incredibly gullible as well. Although Robopiggeh holds no legitimate animosity towards the Warriors for Hire, circumstances often put him at ends with them.

3-minute shorts

His first appearance was in "Pig Iron" as the guardian of the Oinkus Oinkus Magisword. He beats the Warriors in almost every way possible until Vambre shot propeller burgers causing Robopiggeh to chase after them.

He later appeared in "No Robots for Old Men" with Grup the Dragon taped to him. He was about to attack the Warriors as ordered by Old Man Oldman, but Prohyas used the Excaliburger Magisword on him, and Robopiggeh gobbled up the propellar burgers at a fast pace, soothing him. Old Man Oldman decides to get inside Robopiggeh and control him.

5-minute shorts

He only appeared in the "Prohyas Talks about Magiswords" vlog in the short, "Warriors for Hire", being captured by Prohyas' Mummy Magisword. Prohyas demands to know what Robopiggeh was doing in his kitchen, but is unable to understand anything he says.


  • Extended Limbs: Robopiggeh has the ability to extend its limbs while easily maneuver its arms and legs.
  • Rocket: Robopiggeh can replace its legs with a rocket to escape traps, such as the wrapping from the Mummy Magisword.
  • Headcannon: Robopiggeh can fire cannonballs from its head. It is also capable of deploying a parachute from the same hole.
  • Drills: Like seen in the song, Robopiggeh can transform his arms into drills.


  • Robopiggeh is an RP-1.3 unit, a an obsolete model compared to the current Turbopiggeh 10.0 units at the point of the show. Perhaps due to his age, or general incompetence, Robopiggeh is generally nonthreatening.
  • Robopiggeh cannot speak, communicating in pig-like squeals.
  • Robopiggeh enjoys eating burgers, a fact usually exploited by Prohyas using the Excaliburger Magisword.
  • Robopiggeh's head works as a Roomba-style vacuum cleaner.