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Reginald Lavishum is Princess Zange's elven concierge who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords short, Warriors for Hire. He is voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza.


Reginald dresses in a dapper green tuxedo, has light blue skin and green hair. He wears pink tipped shows and a pink bowtie.


Reginald has a persnickety and snooty attitude, and is a strict stickler for tradition and appearances. He is frequently exasperated by Princess Zange's ambivilance towards her position as Princess of Rhyboflavin, and makes no effort to hide his disapproval of the Warriors for Hire, despite their officiated positions as the designated adventurers of the Kingdom. Despite his suffering, he frequently internalizes his inability to do anything about the causes.

5-minute shorts

In his first appearance, Warriors for Hire, he off-screen announces Princess Zange's arrival. He is later seen handing the Warriors their reward.

TV Series

In his debut, Working for Scales, he gives them the message from Princess Zange to aid her from her illness.

He served as the announcer for the Rhyboflavin Entertainer competition in Gotta Get Grup to Get Down.

In the episode "Champions for Breakfast", he announced Princess Zange's meeting with the blueberry muffin king, Lord Grand Heist Skullblood III.

In the episode "Grup Jam", he madly scolded DeBizz for starting an invasion without scheduling a months notice, but DeBizz freezed his body and shoved him out of the way. Later, he tried announcing Zange's presence but due to the freezing conditions, left Zange to shout it out. Zange is constantly being shown dragging a befuddled Reginald around.

For the episode "Get That BORFL!", he assisted Zange's spa treatments. He also called the police on the Borfl despite the Warriors' objection. Towards the end, Reginald was among the other servants who fell for the borfl's disguise as Zange.


  • Reginald's walking cycle was derived from Marvin the Martian, as a way to excuse the storyboard artists and animators from creating a walk cycle for a character only shown in 4 seconds, even though the character made numerous appearances after that.
  • Reginald was created by storyboard artist John Berry as a way for Princess Zange to be shown having a servant.