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Queen Porcina Pork Loin is the giant pig queen of the Loch Mess kingdom who appears in the first 11-minute Mighty Magiswords TV episode, "The Mystery of Loch Mess". She is voiced by Judy Tenuta.

TV Series

Queen Porcina took over the Loch Mess throne after her dad, Wilbur Pork Loin III's passing. She despises broccoli so she captured all the delivery folk who sent her the broccoli offering and kept them in cages as pets. The Warriors for Hire demand for her to set them free but she demands to know what there going to do about it. Prohyas tries to use the Bacon Magisword on her to scare her but she laughs and states that how would they like it if she waved around a Magisword that looks like a human body part. Vambre uses the Tomato Magisword against her and she ducks, mocking them saying if where's their Lettuce-Sword since they might want to make a BLT, which Prohyas remarks that it's on back order. She summons her guards to attack them. Prohyas uses his Wad of Gum Magisword to stick a guard's face with gum and a Laser Pointer Magisword to distract them, while Vambre uses her Frog Missle Magisword against them. Prohyas is later shown playing the accordion on a guard and as the two guards fell down, the delivery folk cheer him on. She later decides to feed them to the Loch Mess Monster. Prohyas' motherly instincts soothes the savage beast and she agrees to let them go and remain peace with Rhyboflavin as long as they don't send her more broccoli.


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