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Professor Cyrus is a professor at Adventure Academy and the teacher for the Warriors for Hire amung other students during their days at Adventure Academy. He is always seen with his pet chic-kicken, Frank Paul, on his head. Rob Paulsen voices Professor Cyrus while creator Kyle Carrozza voices Frank Paul.


Professor Cyrus is a middle-aged man with a moustache wearing a professor's robe. Frank Paul is a large and plump feathered chic-kicken who sits on Cyrus' head.


Professor Cyrus has a snarky attitude and enjoys giving out his lectures. He also isn't afraid to insult his students, barely hiding his contempt for the rowdy bunch. He despises his students using Magiswords because their use isn't part of the curriculum he teaches, and declares they have to learn the rules before they break them. Frank Paul is always shown happily angry and tends to shout, in his bird tongue, the last thing Cyrus says.

Adventure Academy shorts

In each Adventure Academy short, he gives his students a film lecture involving a strange character Sir Lazalot (voiced by Arin Hanson) and has them demonstrate the subject with the Pericardium Pirouette. Whenever the Warriors use their Magiswords rather than the intended tools, he confiscates them and has Bunky the living drawer hold on to them for safe keeping.


  • Professor Cyrus was based off and modeled after creator Kyle Carrozza's late uncle Cyrus. The characters' initial model sheet has him wielding a magic horseshoe which is a reference to the real-life Cyrus' interest in playing horseshoes.[1]
  • The episode, Random Acts of Memory, reveals that he literally counts the days til' retirement.
    • This is later contradicted in "Quest for Knowledge" where he is revealed to still be teaching at the Adventure Academy in the present day, due to the fact he has tenure, in addition to being the Academy Principle.
  • Professor Cyrus' model sheet shows him wearing a steeple hat, which was replaced by Frank Paul in the tv series.


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