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Potion in the Ocean is the eleventh episode of the first season of Mighty Magiswords, and the eleventh episode overall. It aired on November 9, 2016.


Witchy Simone joins the Warriors on a mission deep in the Fickle Sea to find an eye of newt for her magic potion, but Man Fish the Fish Man won’t let them harm his sea newt pal!


Major characters

Magiswords used

  • Golden Curls Magisword (Prohyas; 1) (Mr. Packard)
  • Cheese Magisword (Vambre; 4)
  • Diving Suit Magisword (Vambre; 1)
  • Hook Magisword (Vambre; 6)
  • Mummy Magisword (Prohyas; 6)
  • Sleeping Dragon Magisword (Vambre; 2)
  • Roundabout Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Foam Finger Magisword (Vambre; 1)
  • Frog Missle Magisword (Prohyas; 3)
  • Wickersnapper Magisword (Vambre; 3)
  • Pencil Magisword (mentioned)
  • Bling Bling Magisword (mentioned)
  • Monobrow Magisword (mentioned)
  • Zombie Pumpkin Magisword (Prohyas; 8)

Super Teamwork Combo

  • Frogtied (Frog Missle + Wickersnapper Magisword)


  • Grup Gag: Grup enjoys a picnic.
  • First appearance of Witchy Simone's pet Mascott, the Warriors for Hire's landlord, Mr. Packard and the Warrior's dad, Norman.
  • This episode reveals that the Warrior's father is a broccoli farmer and wants them to follow in his footsteps.
  • The sea urchin wears an outfit could be a reference of Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist.
  • You get the Roundabout Magisword if you use the MagiMoble app.
  • This episode shows that Witchy Simone lives in an apartment.
  • The Warriors appears on the title card with their heads inside a containment jar while Witchy Simone as a mermaid.
  • Prohyas calling Simone "squirt" and her "that's not my name" respond is used three times in this episode.
  • Witchy Simone is unable to afford ingredients she needs, but strangely, is able to pay the Warriors for Hire enough to take her along with them.

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