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Phibby Croax is a former student of Adventure Academy and a warrior who debuted in the Mighty Magiswords: Adventure Academy shorts. His adult self debuted in the episode "Quest for Knowledge". He is voiced by Arin Hanson.


Phibby is a frog who dresses in the traditional Adventure Academy uniform with the addition of a pink bandana on his forehead and wears braces. As an adult, he is bare-chested and wears his bandana with pink wristbands, black shorts, and black slippers with brown soles. He is never seen without his huge green triangular shield either strapped to his back or held in his arm.


Phibby is very enthusiastic, and tends to shout more often than not. He is a thrill-seeker who craves danger and extreme activities, regardless of the possible danger. He is also not terribly smart, preferring brute force to any form of strategy.

Adventure Academy shorts

In the first short, during role call, he announced his reason for enrollment was to bring more action into his life.


Original Phibby Croax design

Kyle created the character in 2014. Unlike the majority of characters featured in the show, Phibby's design remained unchanged during his implementation into the show.


  • Phibby carries a huge, triangular object on his back, and once admitted that he was unsure of its function. As an adult, he uses it as a shield, surfboard, or any other purpose he can find for it.
  • His name is a pun on the fact that he is a frog.
  • Phibby's surfer accent is modeled or loosely based on Michelangelo from the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
    • His first name, Phibby, is most likely derived from the word "Amphibian", the taxonomic Class to which Frogs belong.
    • His last name, Croax, is a play on "croak", a popular way of expressing the sound made by many types of frogs.


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