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Papa Kotassian is the chief of the Kotassians who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords short, Do You Know the Muffin King?. He is voiced by accordionist and musician "Weird Al" Yankovic.


Papa Kotassian is a short, elvish creature with a purple beard, green hat and clothes.


Although Papa Kotassian presents himself as a fair and benevolent Chief, he is in actuality a sociopath only looking out for himself. Caring little for his people, his plans regarding the village are often thinly-veiled attempts to entertain himself at the expense of others, as he is perpetually bored.


He debuts in the short "Do You Know the Muffin King?" where he treats the Warriors to a royal banquet in Kotassium. Due to one of his villagers' head getting stuck in a tree, it took 5 hours for him to return. Upon realizing that Vambre ate their king, he tried to calmly ask if it was a misunderstanding. After understanding that Vambre truly did eat him, he and the villagers kidnap Vambre and punished her to be "noogied to an oblivion" by a stone fist. Prohyas used his lame Magiswords to create Muffin Kings for the Kotassians. Papa Kotassian stops the punishment and the villagers, including Prohyas, celebrate.