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Pachydermus Interruptus is the thirty-third episode of the first season of Mighty Magiswords, and thirty-third episode overall. It will air on July 11, 2017.


A battle with Man Fish the Fish Man leaves Warriors For Hire HQ in shambles, so landlord, Mr. Pachydermus, has the Warriors repair the damage, but without Magiswords.


Magiswords used

  • Boulder Magisword
  • Robo-Tank Magisword
  • Exploding Bubble Magisword
  • Oogly Googly Eyes Magisword
  • Swish Navy Magisword
  • Nail Clipper Magisword
  • Rutabaga Magisword
  • Monobrow Magisword
  • Underpants Magisword

Super Teamwork Combo





  • This episode breaks the 4th wall when the title card smashes by one of Fish Man's cannonball.
  • The bear is wearing a hat and a tie and his line "It's back to picnic baskets for me", that pronouncss "pick-a nic", and Prohyas' line, "He's more fashionable than an average bear" is a parody of "He's smarter than an average bear" was a reference of Yogi Bear.
  • Running gag: Mr. Packard saying, "I have nothing to say".
  • Despite his line, the bear actually exits stage right.

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