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Omnibus (otherwise known as The Great Omnibus or Omnibus the Accumulator) is a magician and magical being who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, "Mushroom Menace". He is voiced by Hal Lublin.


Omnibus has orange hair, wears a blue top hat with purple lensed goggles as well as a dark purple cape with a purple and blue tuxedo, and light violet gloves.


Omnibus has an annoying and cheerful personality as he often proclaims himself outloud as "The Great Omnibus" and made long enduring shouts. He often sorrows and woes if he is alone and often says "Sorrow, woe and wallow!". He is also somewhat lazy as even though he has the ability to disembody himself, while his body is flipping pancakes and his head is at Transylberia with the Warriors, he much prefers to let the Warriors do his work.

TV series

In his first appearance, Mushroom Menace, he hires the Warriors to retrieve a monsterous Ice Posey for him, for reasons unknown. Later, Prohyas called Omnibus a "silly old man" causing him to appear out of nowhere and telling the Warriors how he doesn't appreciate it. Omnibus startled Vambre so she uses the Kite Magisword to send his disembodied head away. Omnibus woes in space until he sees a plate of pancakes being held by his disembodied arms, shouting in joy.

In his second appearance, Surely You Jest-O, he hires the Warriors to look after his place while he shops at an antique center. When he sees his place as a mess, he understands the reason and hesitates to get mad. He also refused to pay them since they didn't go what was agreed upon, but as compensation, gave them the nachos he promised them earlier.


  • Magic: Omnibus has magical powers, which one of them includes, the ability to disembody his limbs and body parts such as his head and arms.