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Officer Zidane Forder is the head of the Rhyboflavin Police Department, who first appeared in the episode "Action Comedy". He is voiced by creator Kyle A. Carrozza.


Fordor has long orange hair that goes down to his waist, wears a police uniform with a silver helmet complete with red siren as well as robotic-themed armor on his arms, legs and shoulders.. He also has bushy eyebrows and is always seen with his eyes closed. He also has a pot-belly.


Fordor tends to have a serious demeanor but is fun-loving and enjoys relaxation. He also has a tendency to crack incredibly loud jokes. He is also woefully incompetent at his job, often arrestsing the wrong criminals or even innocents, though he remains blissfully ignorant of his ineptitude.

TV series

In his first appearance, "Action Comedy", Fordor silences the announcer. He also arrests Flonk and comedy-schools him with a very loud-variation of the 'chicken crossed the rode' joke using the fact that since the chicken's taxes paid for the roads, it's her civil liberty to cross them as the answer.

For his second appearance, "Get that BORFL!", he received a call from Reginald Lavishum whom attended to have the borfl in jail. He ends up arresting the Warriors and Princess Zange because he confused them for the borfl due to their beehive haircuts. He is later seen relaxing and getting massages at the Rhyboflavin County Jail, reminding the Warriors of their 5-months with no parole sentence. Zange also hinted out that after relaxing, she'll remind him who signs his paychecks.

In his third appearance, "Bad Heir Day", he receives a haircut from the Auto Style Magisword at Phil's barber shop. Due to Phil's disguise, he not only intimidates the Warriors to stop harassing Phil but also makes sure they pay their haircut fee. He also announces that he will be taking a 3-hour nap in honor of his day off. He was also shown during a split-second in the episode montage where he willingly puts Phil to jail.


  • Despite being head of the Rhyboflavin Police Department, Fordor is the only cop ever seen operating in the series.
  • His voice is modeled after Patrick Warburton, whom plays another cop; Joe Swanson from the animated series, "Family Guy".
  • His bushy eyebrows may be a reference to Commander Amaro from FLCL.
  • He has a doppleganger named Officer Eightdor who is similar to him but has pink-and-white hair, spider legs and is the head of the Transylberian Police Department.