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Norman Warrior is the father of Prohyas and Vambre Warrior who makes his debut in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, Potion in the Ocean. He is voiced by comedian Dana Gould.


Norman looks like an elderly man wearing a blue/purple robe and a white beard. He always wears a hood, seemingly balding underneath it. By the time Prohyas and Vambre are adults, he is the shortest member of their family, as well as the most physically frail.


Norman has a cheerful but nervous personality. He openly frowns at the idea of adventure and excitement, preferring the more simple, safer life of a Broccoli farmer. While he agrees to let his children pursue the life of adventurers, he is frequently worried for them, which sometimes turns him into a pest. In the past, he was diagnosed with Hypochondria, which he believes to be an actual disease.

Despite his timid nature, Norman can be pushed into action, such as attempts made for the affection or adoration of his wife, and will make rash and obviously poor decisions, only to shrivel up once the ramifications of his actions sink in.


In the final short, Flashback Farms, he is excited for his children to help him on their broccoli farm. Being an overprotective parent, he forbids them from letting them use Magiswords and tries to convince his wife to follow the same route. After seeing them take down the Broccoli Cows with the tidal wave, he is convinced to let them use the Magiswords anytime they want as long as they don't burn the farm down.

TV series

In his debut appearance, Potion in the Ocean, he frequently calls the Warriors about their new lives as Warriors for Hire. He reveals that he is a broccoli farmer and hints out that he much rather prefers the Warriors help him with the broccoli farming.

In Gotta Get Grup to Get Down, he makes a cameo appearance as one of the people in the front of the crowd during Grup's song.


  • Dirt Magisword


  • Despite his short stature and unimpressive physique, Norman has at times demonstrated impressive feats of strength, such as cradling his wife, a woman of impressive size and musculature, and using Magiswords when needed.
  • In "Flashback Farms", Norman permitted his children to use Magiswords provided they not burn the farm down. Ironically, not long afterwards the Farm's barn was burned down, supposidely by Vambre's Tomato Magisword. The family assumed for years Vambre had accidently caused the fire, when it fact it was Prohyas' doppleganger Nohyas who had caused the fire using the Tomato Magisword.