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Noel Trobblin is one of the new employees of Slugburger, hired by Witchy Simone to cover her shift (or the one she made up) after she became manager. He is currently undergoing training to use Magiswords for kitchen duties. Noel is a very laid-back Trollblin, and seems to be rather easily amused.


Noel is young and not as tall or as bulky as other Trollblins, but he still towers over most humans and wears studded bracelets and blue shorts. His work clothes consists only of the Slugburger uniform and a hairnet.


In "Straining Day", Spoony hires the Warriors to train him and Scarriet to use Magiswords in the kitchen. He and Scarriet interfere with Vambre and Simone's Super Teamwork Combo, which results in the creation of the Kaijuburger.


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