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Murray Williams was a supposed famous celebrity and basketball player who appeared in the episode "Grup Jam". He was voiced by Dave Coulier


Murray looks like a middle aged man wearing basketball attire.


Murray has a confident and boasting personality due to his celebrity status.

TV Series

In his debut "Grup Jam", he comes at the last minute willing to help the Warriors in their prediciment however, he ended up Ghostbusted and vaccumned by a Galactonian player.


  • His role is based on Bill Murray, who appeared in the movie Space Jam, which this episode is based on. His name even lampshades this.
    • He was also Ghostbusted by a Galactonian. This is a reference to Murray's role as Peter Venkman in the movie Ghostbusters.
    • Furthermore, he is voiced by Dave Coulier, who was the second person to voice Peter Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters, an animated series based on the movie.