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Mr. Spoony is the owner of Slug Burger, as well as Witchy Simone's boss. He debuts in the Mighty Magiswords episode, Working for Scales. He is voiced by Kyle Massey.


Mr. Spoony looks like a middle-aged black man wearing a Slug Burger uniform, a utensil sash and as clear as his name, carries a wooden spoon.


Mr. Spoony has a hardworking and serious attitude, making sure Witchy Simone does her job. He is willing to do anything in order for Slug Burger to make more money, even owning his own Magiswords to expedite the serving process. He also has a habit of singing when he's overly-excited.

Despite his harsh attitude, he is very protective of Witchy Simone, his first and foremost goal being sure she learns how to handle herself, if through tough love.

TV Series

In his debut, Working for Scales, he makes sure Witchy Simone does her job by serving Reginald Lavishum.

In his second appearance, Dungeons and Dayjobs, he promotes Witchy to manager and tempts himself not to interfere with her management. However, he continues to spy on her in various ways. He keeps praising her whenever she shows the Warriors tough love and makes the customers comfy. Towards the end, after noticing the Warriors' action in Magiswords, Spoony promotes Simone and the Warriors along with their payment. He also buys some new Magiswords for himself to try.