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Monkey Chunks is the sasquatch security guard at the Library of Shhh! who is the pet of Biblia Tick and debuts in the short "Do We Decimal System?". He is voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza.


Monkey Chunks is a pink sasquatch with a light pink body with turquoise green puff of hair on his head.


Monkey Chunks has a serious and determined face, being ready to thrown out any unwelcome patrons in the library.


Monkey Chunks only appeared when Biblia enforced the Warriors the "no talking" rule. Then, Monkey Chunks started to begin coming after the Warriors when they broke the third strike. He was later seen chasing after Witchy Simone and later came back after Prohyas unintentionally said his name.

TV Series

Biblia and Monkey Chunks return in The Tome of Morrow where they try to get the Tome of Marrow book from the Warriors and Noville. The pair fought against them and when the Warriors plan to do a Super Teamwork Combo, Monkey Chunks knocks Prohyas down. With a clear route of winning, the two were flawed out when Noville and Vambre activated the Super Teamwork Combo, I Want My Mummy, summoning a mummy cat to jump on Monkey Chunk's head. This causes the Anubis Guarddogs to chase after Monkey Chunks causing him to run away from the tome.


  • His name may be an allusion to the Beastie Boys song Brass Monkey.