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Mister Sucker Punch is a squid and antagonist in the short "Too Many Warriors".


The squid is an orange squid with a green bandage on his head and yellow teeth. He also formerly had boxing gloves.

5-minute shorts

In his first appearance "Too Many Warriors", he was harassing the Rhyboflavin Boardwalk by constantly punching the people in the piers. The Witch Way warriors and Warriors for Hire were hired to stop the squid. Witch Way used magic against the beast but it failed. Prohyas tried shooting propellar burgers at it causing him to smack them way. Witch Way later summonned blood thursty stuffed animals at it but he punched them away. Then, Prohyas tried to use the Ground Pound Magisword but it caused more damage to the pier. The squid later pushed Docky to the shore and caused Witch Way and the Warriors to fight. Witch Way were later sucker punched away by the squid but Docky is still upset about the destruction. Prohyas revealed that he was just bored with boxing gloves so he used the Pencil Magisword to erase his gloves and give him a drum with drumsticks. Mister Sucker Punch started playing the drums and a band of dolphins appear out of nowhere causing an attraction to the pier with the citizens. Docky and Zange then awards the Warriors for Hire for saving the day.


Mister Sucker Punch appears very briefly in "Surely You Jest-O" as one of the giant sea creatures in Omnibus the Accumulator's aquarium. He drags Omnibus into the tank when he attempts to sprinkle fish food.


  • Punching: The squid can throw massive sucker punches that can destroy the boardwalk and leave people flying to the air. His gloves are insulated making them shock proof and his punches are strong enough to destroy raw black magic.
  • Drumming: The squid also has good drumming skills.