A Magisword is a magical sword that contains one or more powers based on its specific design. There are many Magiswords scattered throughout the land of Lyvsheria, which Vambre and Prohyas often collect, usually by using Magiswords they have previously obtained. Magiswords can also be bought at a store in Mount Ma'all called Ralphio's House of Swords. Some Magiswords are also living entities, such as Dolphin Magisword and Zombie Pumpkin Magisword, which is usually advantageous to the wielder, though some Magiswords of this nature can be evil, such as Carnivorous Plant Magisword. There have been 232 Magiswords shown so far, and many of them are quite effective in terms of powers, if a little ridiculous. They can also be used to perform a Super Teamwork Combo when two or more different Magiswords are used simultaneously.

Magiswords from Mighty Magiswords

Name Description Image
Abacus Magisword This Magisword functions as an ordinary abacus, and is used to solve simple mathematical problems. Ralphio showed it to the Warriors in "Champions of Breakfast", but neither of them bought it, as they apparently had little interest.
Abacus Magisword
Accordion Magisword

On long journeys, Prohyas likes to play this to keep from getting bored. It has no offensive properties unless your enemy absolutely can't stand accordions. It's not one of a kind, but it's pretty uncommon. It can generate melodies by tapping into the brain of its wielder.

Used by Prohyas, the sword functions like an actual accordion. Accordion Magisword made its first official appearance in "Dolphinominal", where Prohyas played 'til 5 in the morning after Phil had stolen Dolphin Magisword the previous night, he also played "Phil Took My Dolphin Away". It also appeared in "No Robots for Old Men", where Prohyas plays it while he and Vambre are traveling on their Hoverswords to obtain the Persimmon of Urgency for the Mysterious Hooded Woman. Prohyas later played it while fighting Queen Porcina's Pig-Guards in the premiere Episodes "The Mystery of Loch Mess", as well as singing "Warriors for Hire" in one of the animated shorts.

Acordion Magisword
Acorn Arsenal Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Royal Tower Rescue". It will shoot a long line of large acorns at its opponent.
All Ears Magisword This Magisword can be used to hear things in far off places or through walls.
All Ears Magisword 2
Anvil Magisword This Magisword can shoot anvils. It belongs to Noville. It was first seen in "Letter Wronging Campaign". Noville used this magisword to scramble the words of the book monster's attack.
Anvil Magisword 2
Attractive Voice Magisword

This sentient sword speaks in a very convincing manner. Use it to talk your way out of trouble. It's a very uncommon sword. And uncommonly persuasive.

The Attractive Voice Magisword, as its name implies, has a voice that one finds attractive. Vambre used it to not only summon Phil but also keep her warm when she was freezing in Transylberia. It has a mind of its own and if not given orders, it say random one-liners it thinks sound cool, but often confuse or disgust those around it. Voiced by Kyle Carrozza.

Attractive Voice Magisword
Auto Style Magisword

This sentient Magisword will give anyone a makeover or a new hairstyle.

It belongs to Princess Zange, and was first seen in "Get That BORFL!". It mistakenly identifies everyone it encounters as "Princess Zange", suggesting that, despite its sentience, it is not particularly intelligent. Gaby Sanalito voices the sword.

Auto Style Magisword
Average Pumpkin Magisword
Average Pumpkin Magisword
Baby Booty Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Passe Pirate" It can shoot baby booties that vary in size.
Bacon Magisword

This Magisword shoots strips of bacon. Delicious, delicious strips of bacon. It's part of this complete breakfast. (If you also grab the Giant Egg, Dairy Product,and Cuppa Joe Magisword)

This sword has the ability to shoot strips of bacon at the opponent. Prohyas tried to use it to scare Queen Porcina, but she just laughed at him, even though she is a pig. He also uses it to make a plate of bacon for King Rexxtopher in the episode "Walkies" and in the episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness" when he and Vambre set up a trap for Grup to get him clean by leaving him a plate of bacon and then uses the Dolphin Magisword to aim water at him, but however puts a cork on the dolphins mouth.

Bacon Magisword
Bag of Snakes Magisword

This Magisword produces adorable snakes as well as burlap sacks to hold them. If you're ever though to yourself, 'If only I had a bag of snakes,'you're in luck.

This sword has the ability to shoot several snakes at once. Vambre used it to attack one of the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Kingdom in "Working for Scales".

Bag of Snakes Magisword
Ball of Yarn Magisword This Magisword first appeared in the possession of Bimm in "Quest for Knowledge". It resembles a large ball of yarn, and can shoot strands of yarn.
Bimm umnamed Magisword 2
Balloon Animal Magisword This Magisword first appeared in "Suitable Armor". It can create large balloon animals that can float.
Balloon Animal Magisword
Ballpoint Magisword This Magisword can write on any surface, in any color desired. It is similar to the more common Pencil Magisword, but more permanent. It is standard for use on Galacton forms.
Ballpoint Magisword
Banana Peel Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Taming of the Swords". In the episode “Ain't That A Kick In The Side?” it can shoot bananas.
Banana Magisword
Basketball Magisword This Magisword produces basketballs which poof out of existence after your make a basket.

It first appeared in "Grup Jam". As its name implies, it can shoot basketballs, despite Basketball not existing prior to its debut episode. Surprisingly, it was only used in the few minutes of Grup Jam and did not make any other appearances in the episode.

Basketball Magisword
Bear Claw Magisword This Magisword was seen in "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing". It has the the ability to make pastries/donuts in the shape of bear claws.
VideoCapture 20180923-151132
Beehive Magisword The Magisword was first seen in The Wrath of Neddy. It has the ability to shoot honey, launch a swarm of bees and shoot honeycombs.
Beehive Magisword
Beginner Shield Magisword This Magisword acts like a shield, except it breaks against strong attacks and cannot be used again.

The sword seems to be inspired by the Deku Shield from the 1998 video game The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, being the first usable shield that is destroyed upon catching fire.

Beginner Shield Magisword
Big Bad Boot Magisword The Big Bad Boot Magisword creates steel-toed big bad boots and can break doors for dramatic entrances. Vambre used it to interrogate pirates in "Bad Bad Cop". It can also be used to shoot boots at the opponent.
Big Bad Boot Magisword
Birdcall Magisword This sword has the ability to summon birds, as shown in "The Mystery of Loch Mess". It also can replicate any bird call. Kyle Carrozza voices the sword.
Birdcall Magisword
Bite Beast Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Dino Ducking". It can create wild monsters called Bite Beasts, which have a tendency to bite anything around them.
Bling Bling Magisword The Bling Bling Magisword is a Magisword that looks like a sword, but is gold-plated and has gems on it. Vambre splurged their earnings that was suppose to be used for rent to buy it in the short "Walkies". It can turn any person into a "blinged out" person by shooting out diamonds and other jewels.
Bling Bling Magisword
Blow Dryer Magisword

This sword sends enemies flying backwards in a gust of hot air, while also making their hair look FAAAAAABULOOOOOUS! It operates as a giant, stupidly powerful blow dryer.

Belonging to Vambre, it can be used to blow anyone through a long distance. It can also cause some hair and face damage as well. It is also used to change the direction where small objects are headed and blows them to the direction behind that object. Combined with the Wad of Gum Magisword, it can generate a gum bubble at the opponents face with a wad of gum stuck in their mouth.

Blow Dryer Magisword
Body Poppin' Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Delirious Dancing" It causes the target to dance in a modern, funky fashion.
Body Poppin Magisword-0
Bok Choy Magisword One of Hoppus' Magiswords which Prohyas (Under the conscience of his stomach) stole in Gut Feelings. It is able to summon Bok Choy.
Bok Choy Magisword
Bonehead Magisword The Bonehead Magisword can shoot out bones and skulls. It appears in "The Cave of Gelatinous Doom! ".
Bonehead Magisword-1
Boomerang Magisword This Magisword is used by Prohyas and Vambre to retrieve the Taunting Jester Magisword in "Surely You Jest-O". It behaves like a true boomerang (as a projectile weapon), but will not return to the owner if it is stuck in a solid object, in which case the user must recover it manually.
Boomerang Magisword
Boulder Magisword This Magisword has the power to create boulders. This sword belonged to Prohyas after he and Vambre found it in a cave and Prug let them keep it in To Boulderly Go. It's also seen in Dolphinominal, where Vambre used it against Phil. It is one of the most commonly used Magiswords.
Boulder Magisword
Brick Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Witchy Simone Ruins Everything". It can lay bricks.
Brick Magisword
Bronze Statue Magisword This Magisword can apparently turn anything into a heavy bronze statue, and was first seen in "Squideo Games". It was later used by Vambre to finish off the final boss in "Continue?" by transforming Prohyas.
Bronze Statue Magisword-0
Bubble Pop Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Meatier Milking" It can produce sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles, when popped, make a loud, satisfying noise.
Bulldozer Magisword This Magisword can be used to hit things like they were hit by a bulldozer. It appeared in the episode "Don't Read the Comments", when Prohyas used it to hit the Pooka Shell Tree.
Bunch of Little Holes Magisword

This Magisword can make a bunch of little holes in something, or it can make a large thing into many tinier things. Don't settle for just a few little holes--ask for a Bunch of Little Holes!

The Bunch of Little Holes Magisword is shaped like a holed spatula. Its ability is to slice things into smaller pieces. Vambre used it against a brick that Prohyas was holding in the short, "Stairways & Spiders".

Bunch of Little Holes Magisword
Bus Stop Magisword This Magisword can create bus stops, which can be used to summon buses for transportation (though it sometimes takes a while for the buses to get there). It first appeared in "Mall of Shame".
Bus Stop Magisword
Butterfly Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Barren Quicksand". It wraps a cocoon around a target and, when they emerge, they'll have removable, one-time-use butterfly wings.
Cactus Magisword

This Magisword shoots needle-covered cactus balls, good for building a quick, pointy barrier. The Warriors obtained this by defeating an Attacktus and pushing it's button.

The Cactus Magisword can shoot out cacti and also be used to trap the opponent. The Cactus Magisword was actually the jewel found on the Attacktus' chest in "Attacktus (Short)". Vambre used it against Old Man Oldman, Grup, and Robopiggeh to contain them until they (the Warriors) complete their quest.

Cactus Magisword
Candy Magisword This Magidword was first seen in "Collection Infection ", wielded by Prohyas. It is able to shoot out several tooth-rotting candy pieces at its targets.
Candy Magisword
Cardboard Replica Magisword The Cardboard Replica Magisword has the power to create cardboard replicas of whatever the creator imagines. It does require some level of artistic skill to use at any real proficiency.
Cardboard Replica Magisword
Carnivorous Plant Magisword The Carnivorous Plant Magisword can devour anything within its line of sight, living or not. It cares not for the alignment of what it eats, nor does it distinguish between living and nonliving. It possesses free will, and will not listen to its wielder, meaning extreme caution is needed when handling it. It can eat other Magiswords if it so chooses, and swallows its food whole. Its vines can act as whips or allow it to grapple across long distances, and are both prehensile allowing it to grab food too far away for it reach. Remarkably it is grown from a seed, when watered with tears, and if destroyed, can create smaller plants resembling it, that may possibly grow into new versions. Eric Bauza provides the vocal effects for the Magisword.
Carnivorous Plant Magisword
Carrot Magisword

This Magisword slices things like one would slice a carrot using a move called, Interestingly enough, "Carrot Slice." It can also shoot carrot chips.

The Carrot Magisword is Hoppus' main weapon. It's power is "Carrot Slice," which can slice anything, even magiswords (but only Zombie Pumpkin Magisword so far). Ironically, this makes it the only Magisword as of yet able to function as an actual sword. It also has the ability to generate giant carrot slices, but the slices have no nutritional value, since all Magisword-generated food has none. Hoppus seems to care about the sword very much, as shown in Gut Feelings, where he shows the warriors a locket with a picture of the Carrot Magisword in it and a "H + CM" on the other side of it.

Carrot Magisword
Cat Burgle Magisword
Cat Burgle Magisword
Cat Tongue Magisword This Magisword looks like a giant cat tongue, and is good for lapping up liquids, though it can take a very long time if there is a lot of liquid. Like a real cat tongue, it is eerily rough. It debuted in "Don't Read the Comments".
Cat Tongue Magisword
Catnip Mouse Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Dragonators". It looks like a catnip mouse on a string attached to a pole. Vambre used is to advantage against Gateaux.
Cayenne Pepper Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Sluggernaut". It can shoot spicy cayenne pepper that can inflict fire breath on the consumer.
Celery Magisword The Celery Magisword is wielded by Vambre as seen in To Boulderly Go, the first short of the Mighty Magiswords shorts. It's powers are to make things smell like celery, or shoot stalks of celery at any size as evidenced in the show's opening sequence, where Prohyas shoots celery at Hoppus, who grabs them with his teeth. Vambre also used it in "Case Clothed", where she, along with the Wad of Gum and Blow Dryer Magiswords, uses it to make a boat to transport Princess Zange and Prohyas to Keel-Haul Cove.
Celery Magisword
Cement Truck Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Barren Quicksand". It can produce cement.
Chainsaw Magisword This Magisword can be used to cut things, similar to the Carrot Magisword, but with a different physical technique. It can cut down trees, split boulders in half, and can possibly cut through some other materials, as well. However, while it has great cutting power, it lacks precision.
Chainsaw Magisword
Cheese Magisword The Cheese Magisword fires projectiles of varying types of cheese at its targets and can create any object using cheese as a material. The more complex the shape the user is trying to create, the harder one must concentrate.
Cheese Magisword
Chillax Mist Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Royal Tower Rescue" It can spray a green mist that causes its target to feel calm and relaxed.
Choo Choo Magisword This Magisword looks like a train. It can shoot steam from its hilt, and summon trains as well as train-related items. It was introduced by Grup in "Hideous Hound".
Choo Choo Magisword 2
Clam Clamp Magisword
Clam Clamp Magisword
Clapping Magisword The Clapping Magisword fires beams of energy of clapping, forcing people to break out in applause. It's appearance is similar to that of a children's clapping hand noisemaker toy. Prohyas used it against the pirates in the episode "Case Clothed" but they later clap-attacked him. It fires this beam by clapping at an incredibly fast rate, fast enough to destroy an entire swarm of bees.
Clapping Magisword
Claw Magisword This Magisword was first seen on Cartoon Network Anything. King Rexxtopher was guarding this Magisword, and Prohyas and Vambre had to use some of their Magiswords to wake him up. The Claw Magisword makes its short debut in "Pool Fools", once again in the possession of King Rexxtopher, who uses it to prevent the Warriors from entering the pool. It reappeared in the episode "Working for Scales" where the warrior twins are trying to get a orange speckled stegosaurus scale to cure Princess Zange's Dino Pox. King Rexxtopher uses it to reach things that his short arms cannot grab.
Claw Magisword
Confusing Alien Magisword The Confusing Alien Magisword is a magisword with various abilities that is found in Galacton. It was sought by the Warriors for Hire, but was stolen by Nohyas, before ultimately being taken by a small UFO. Some of its powers include shooting (or summoning) ducks, changing someone’s voice, changing the color scheme of clothing, and creating a hole in the fabric of time and space (which, in Nohyas’ case, transported him to Slugburger).
Tumblr mirsire0df1qd0vwyo1 1280
Cornan's Unnamed Magisword This Magisword is Cornan's signature Magisword. Its only known attack is the "Glitter Sparkle Attack" which covers the target in glitter. The name of this Magisword has yet to be revealed.
Cuckoonut Magisword This Magisword can fire coconuts with bird heads at the target as seen in “Dunkadelic”. The bird-headed coconuts make a hollow "clunk" sound upon impact.
Cuckoonut Magisword
Cuddle Puppy Magisword The Cuddle Puppy Magisword shoots out small, young dogs at a rapid rate. The puppies are all different species.
Cuddle Puppy Magisword
Cuppa Joe Magisword

This Magisword makes coffee, sometimes complete with mug or cup. It can also make specific kinds of coffee if you're fancy like that.

The Cuppa Joe Magisword is shaped by a coffee pitcher and it has the ability to produce coffee. Prohyas often uses it to drink coffee as shown in the episode when he was trying to get free from the ice door in "Mushroom Menace".

Cuppa Joe Magisword
Cursed Garlic Magisword This Magisword is evil and sentient that can create cursed, foul-smelling garlic that turns the consumer into a hangry monster with a garlic odour. It was shown in "Hangry Hangry Hoppus".
Cursed Garlic Magisword
Dairy Product Magisword The Dairy Product is shaped like a cow's udder. Three of its powers are: "Butter Blast" where the user shoots sticks of butter at the opponent; "Ice Cream Headache" in which the user shoots scoops of ice cream at the opponent; and "Cream Cheese Please" which shoots cream cheese at the opponent. Prohyas and Nohyas used it against each other in the short, "Identity Theft".
Dairy Product Magisword
Dancing Bear Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Delirious Dancing" It can force bears to start dancing and can presumably create dancing bears.
Darlin' Narwhal Magisword This Magisword was the focus of the episode "Unconventional Dolphinism", where Vambre brought Witchy Simone along with her on her search for this Magisword while Prohyas attended a Dolphin Convention with Dolphin Magisword. However, despite the apparent rarity of this Magisword, its only apparent power at first is the ability to make cutesy hearts. This Magisword is later shown (When specifically used by Prohyas) To make any thing hit with the hearts instantly fall in love with whatever and whoever it is looking at or around it.
Darlin Narwhal Magisword
Decision Making Magisword
Decision Making Magisword
Dirt Magisword The Dirt Magisword is capable of conjuring dirt and firing it at the opponent. It also has the ability to manifest earthworms, capable of grabbing objects. It takes the form of a heap of dirt, backwards as the sword hilt looks like a blade of grass. The top has a worm at its end.
Dirt Magisword
Diving Suit Magisword The diving suit Magisword has the ability to apply a fully functioning diving suit onto the user and its target instantly. the suits are completely waterproof and can supply air to the user.
Diving Suit Magisword
Dolphin Magisword

This Magisword shoots water and can create a deluge with a special move called "Dolphin Water"! It can also be used for fast underwater travel. Dolphin Magisword is like Prohyas' pet and BFF. This was his first Magisword, given to him by his mother, so it has major sentimental value in addition to being ridiculously cute.

The Dolphin Magisword has a dolphin entity on it. It belongs to Prohyas as seen in "To Boulderly Go" when he and Vambre used various magiswords to try to move a rock. It is different from the other magisword that it is alive and Prohyas treats it as a pet. It can even use other magiswords. It's main power is "Dolphin Water" where it can shoot a stream of water. Prohyas first used it to help Hoppus' veggie grow, then he used it to bring water in the Barren Faceland which annoyed Vambre for Prohyas forgetting that he could just bring water anytime with the sword, then he used it against Phil to boot him away and lastly again in the Faceland where he used the power to water the Attacktus. It is also a crazy cool fast swimmer, and Prohyas used it to cross the lake to Keelhaul in "Case Clothed." In one of the Mighty Magisword Vlog entries, it is revealed that it was given to Prohyas by his and Vambre's mother, Kablammica Warrior, and is his very first Magisword. Prohyas also revealed that he needs to feed the Dolphin Magisword 3 times a day. Used with the Snowball Magisword, it can generate ice. Used with the Oinkus Oinkus Magisword, it can create a pink, pig-shaped tsunami. It can also also power up clouds created by the Raincloud Magisword. In the episode, "Dolphinominal", Prohyas stopped crying when the Dolphin Magisword was drawn by Phil, then he says, "Come home to daddy, Dolphin Magisword! Come home to daddy!" And that is why D.M. is Prohyas' beloved daughter. Dolphin Magisword is usually voiced by stock sound clips of dolphins, but when it was sick in "Squirreled Domination" its coughs and sneezes were voiced by Candi Milo. As a living creature it can choose whether or not to listen to its current wielder. Even when sheathed it can still squeak and use "Dolphin Water".

Dolphin Magisword
Don't Touch That Dial Magisword A Magisword that can temporarily level up or level down anything depending on the number you set it to.
Don't Touch That Dial Magisword
Double Face Magisword This Magisword made a brief cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at Ralphio's House of Swords. Prohyas was looking at the sword before Vambre told him to look at the Rubber Spiky Magisword. It has a green face frowning face and a purple smiling face. It can double the face of the target, as shown in "The Incredible Tiny Warriors".
Smiley Sticker Magisword
Drippy Candle Magisword This Magisword made a brief cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at Ralphio's House of Swords. While Prohyas was looking at the Nose Magisword, this sword appeared underneath it.It can create candles.
Candlestick Magisword
Droopy Clothes Magisword This Magisword first appeared in "Adventure Academy: Snow Decoy" It can shoot a stream of liquid that causes clothes (like shirts, pants, hats, etc.) to droop in a sloppy manner.
Dummystein Magisword The Dummystein Magisword is a sentient Magisword modeled after Frankenstein's monster, discovered in "The Curse of Dummystein". The sword is only sentient once it manages to steal the voice of a living being, most often being Vambre. Once it has adopted a voice, the sword will tell nonstop funny jokes in the style of a standup comedian, but returns to its inert state upon restoring its stolen voice.
Dummystein Magisword
Electric Eel Magisword An electrical magisword modeled after an electric eel, this magisword can extend to be used as a grappling hook, as well as shock whatever its teeth manage to bite into. Most often used by Vambre, but sometimes by Prohyas as well.
Electric Eel Magisword
Electric Guitar Magisword A Magisword that can be played like an actual electric guitar, similar to how Accordion Magisword can be played like an actual accordion. Witchy Simone obtained one prior to "Unconventional Dolphinism", where she uses it to ask various people if they have seen the Darlin Narwhal Magisword.
Electric Guitar Magiswords
Electric Razor Magisword A Magisword resembling a large electric razor, typically used by Prohyas to shape his sideburns and soul-patch. It seems to have very little practical use otherwise.
Electric Razor Magisword
Excaliburger Magisword A large Magisword that is able to produce Propellerburgers, which are hamburgers that fly through the air using propeller blades. The Propellerburgers can be used for offensive purposes, or as a means of distracting an opponent. The propeller burgers can seemingly be devoured for food as well, despite Vambre's claim that food produced by magiswords has no actual nutritional value.

Propellerburgers seem to be composed of actual hamburger meat, as opposed to the yellow-colored Slugburgers bought at Slugburger. They contain meat, lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun.

Excaliburger Magisword
Excavator Magisword A Magisword modeled after an Excavator. It can be used  to dig and scoop up objects.
Excavator Magisword
Exploding Bubble Magisword A Magisword modeled after a bubble wand. The sword can produce soap bubbles of varying sizes which explode with concussive force after a certain amount of time. They can be used offensively as well as physical steps to ascend into the air.
Exploding Bubble Magisword
Extendo Flick Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Whack a Shark". the glove extends to reveal an smaller glove that delivers a powerful nose flick.
Fencing Magisword This Magisword first appeared in "School's In, Oh Bummer!", this Magisword can make picket fences.
Fencing Magisword
Fight Wig Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Oasis of Fear" It can shoot toupees that fight.
Fireworks Magisword

This Magisword shoots decorative fireworks explosions. Anytime you need celebratory pyrotechnics, this is your sword.

The Fireworks Magisword has the ability to make things into a fireworks show. Grup used it to introduce his famous Grup Soup to Dolphin Magisword for the third time in the episode "Squirreled Domination" but Prohyas took it away since it might wake Dolphin Magisword up. It also shoots fireworks.

Fireworks Magisword
Fish Head Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Whack a Shark" It can inexplicably contort to bop its target.
Fish Head Magisword-0
Fish Stick Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Fickle Fishing" It can turn its target into a fish stick.
Flashlight Magisword

This Magisword is used as a normal, but very large flashlight. Watch everyone light up when you wield this Magisword.

The Flashlight magisword (briefly referred to as the Torch Magisword by Vambre) works and acts like a flashlight. It was first mentioned in "The Desolation of Grup" where Prohyas asked if Vambre had the sword and she replied it's on her "wishlist". She is shown to have purchased it in the episode "Squirreled Domination". It has 3 flashlights.

Flashlight Magisword
Flip Mode Magisword This Magisword resembles an oddly-shaped spatula, and can grow more spatula heads to flip multiple hamburger patties (and presumably other foods) simultaneously. It debuted in "Straining Day".
Flipmode Magisword
Flour Power Magisword

This Magisword can shoot flour, which is extra helpful if you're baking. Oddly enough, it can also produce flowers.

The Flour Power Magisword is capable of magically creating flour, capable of being used in recipes. This Magisword can also generate plants. Prohyas used it to give Penny Plasm a flower in the episode "Flirty Phantom".

Flour Power Magisword
Flying Sphinx Magisword
Flying Sphinx Magisword
Flyswatter Magisword The Fly Swatter Magisword looks like a regular fly swatter but it works like a baseball bat. Vambre used it to deflect coconuts aiming at her and Princess Zange while they were sailing towards Keelhaul Cove.
Fly Swatter Magisword
Foam Finger Magisword The Foam Finger Magisword looks and works like a foam finger. Prohyas used it to cheer on Zombie Pumpkin Magisword in the episode "Mushroom Menace". It can also shoot out mini foam fingers. It can conjure a giant foam hand capable of blocking magical energy.
Foam Finger Magisword
Footprint Magisword

This Magisword detects hidden footprints, which makes it excellent for tracking. Don't ask us how a footprint detect other footprints. It just works.

The Footprint Magisword can detect any hidden footprints by shooting a flashlight-like ray that can reveal them.

Footprint Magisword
Fossil Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Dino Ducking" It can turn its target into a fossil.
Fresh Squeeze Magisword This Magisword was interviewed by Ralphio in "The Saga of Robopiggeh" It can make lemonade, lime-ade, and any other kind of "ade" the user can think.
Fresh Squezzed Magisword
Frog Missile Magisword This Magisword can shoot out exploding frog-like missiles against the opponent. When they explode, they become real life frogs. Vambre used it against Queen Porcina's Pig Guards.
Frog Missile Magisword
Fuzzy Wuzzy Magisword Can create fuzzy hair on whatever target it is pointed at. Introduced in the episode "Squideo Games", it was pulled off the wall by Prohyas, and used to give Ralphio a bushy mustache.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Magisword
Ghost Magisword Looks a ghost with chains and a key. It can allow the wielder to see ghosts like Zombie Pumpkin Magisword. It has shown in "Ghosthaste". It also puts the wielder in danger on getting possessed by a ghost and it can suck the ghost of a living person out of their body.
Ghost Magisword
Giant Bowl of Soup Magisword This Magisword first appeared in "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing". It can create levitating bowls of any soup
Giant Bowl of Soup Magisword
Giant Egg Magisword Shaped like a giant egg, the magisword's abilities is to shoot eggs at the enemies. Vambre used it to blind King Rexxtopher, but he just questions why there's no bacon with the eggs in the short "Walkies".
Giant Egg Magisword
Glamour Gown Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Fickle Fishing". It dresses its target in a frilly, purple dress.
Glamour Gown Magisword
Glo-Stick Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Oasis of Fear". It creates decorative glowsticks that light up.
Golden Broomstick Magisword The Golden Broomstick Magisword is the prize for the World Witch Award, introduced in "Sibling Sorcery". It can fly, and Witchy Simone is actually fairly competent at doing so. It also is pretty handy at cleaning up.
Golden Broomstick Magisword
Golden Curls Magisword The Golden Curls Magisword can create wigs that dissipate when the user is startled, as shown in "Potion in the Ocean" when Prohyas and Vambre were startled by Mr. Packard. The wigs are usually blond and curly, hence the name.
Golden Curls Magisword
Grabby Giraffe Magisword It was used by Vambre on "Grup Jam". It can extend itself to grab objects and reach far distances.
Gross Little Centaur Magisword
Gross Little Centaur Magisword
Ground Pound Magisword The Ground Pound Magisword belongs to Vambre who earned it with Prohyas for defeating the Underground Handbeast. It can generate earthquakes by slamming onto the ground that are more strong when the Magisword slams with more strength.
Ground Pound Magisword
Gummy Sticky Hand Magisword This magisword is shaped like a sticky hand toy that debuted in "Squirreled Domination". It looks and works like a sticky hand toy being able to grab and stick to things at a long distance. Prohyas used it under the control of the Taunting Jester Magisword in the episode "Surely You Jest-O". As seen in Flirty Phantom it cannot latch onto snow.
Gummy Sticky Hand Magisword
Hair Curler Magisword The Hair Curler Magisword was first shown in the episode "To Balderly Go ", and is wielded by Prohyas
Hair Curler Magisword
Handkerchief Grenade Magisword
Handkerchief Grenade Magisword
Homing Device Magisword The Homing Device Magisword is loaded with tracking beetles, that when shot will attach to any object and send out a signal. The signal is picked up by the sword which shows how far and close the tracked object is with a displayed meter and beeping sound that becomes even faster the closer you are. The beetles will shrink when attached to an sheathed Magisword. The sword does not create the beetles and they must be loaded back for reuse. Phil mistakes it for a thermometer magisword after Grup accidentally throws it in the lame bag.
Homing Device Magisword
Hook Magisword The hook Magisword looks like a striped hook. It can generate an extending hook meant to grab things similar to the Electric Eel Magisword. Prohyas used it to swipe the Taunting Jester Magisword from "Jest-O the Best-O".  It is based on the classic Vaudeville Hook used to yank performers off-stage.
Hook Magisword
Hot Oil Magisword This Magisword resembles a large vat of massage oil, and can produce oil hot enough to eat through wood. It debuted in "Bad Heir Day".
Hot Oil Magisword
Hot Tea Magisword This Magisword can seemingly produce hot tea, which it can pour by levitating itself. It debuted in "Changeable Terraingable".
Hoverswords The Warrior siblings’ main mode of transportation, which work in a way similar to hover boards. Vambre's Hoversword is blue and pink-checkered, while Prohyas' is yellow and turquoise-striped. In "Case Clothed", it was shown that Hoverswords cannot function on non-solid surfaces, such as water. This seems to make little sense, however, as they have been seen hovering over great distances and heights without ever touching the ground.
  • Prohyas' Hoversword
  • Vambre's Hoversword
Howler Monkey Wrench Magisword
Howler Monkey Wrench Magisword
Hypno Magisword This Magisword has appeared in the background of Ralphio's House of Swords many times. It has not made an "Initial Appearance" in the TV series yet, but Prohyas showed it to Noville in the short "Bookish" when browsing for the right Magisword to impress Vambre with.
Hypno Magisword
Instant Photograph Magisword
Instant Photograph Magisword
Instant Wrap Magisword The Magisword can package or decorate anything, was first used in The Wrath of Neddy when Vambre used it to wrap Prug. It was also used in "The Saddest Little Bunny" to decorate Easter eggs and Hoppus claims that it is "an offensive rabbit stereotype".
Instant Wrap Magisword
Jackhammer Magisword This magisword works and acts like a jack hammer. Vambre used it to break out of a giant boulder in the episode "Flirty Phantom". Prohyas was also going to use the sword in "The Tome of Morrow" in order to perform a Super Teamwork Combo with Vambre, but before they could do so, Prohyas was knocked unconscious by Monkey Chunks, thus rendering him unable to perform it.
Jack Hammer Magisword
Kite Magisword The Kite Magisword has the ability to generate kites. Vambre used it on Old Man Oldman since he might have asked her to do manual labor in a Swordsday commercial and Omnibus when he "startled" her in the episode "Mushroom Menace".
Kite Magisword
Kricket Knight's Unnamed Magisword
Kricket Knight's Unnamed Magisword
Label Maker Magisword This Magisword works like a real label maker and can fire labels. It appeared in “What's My Name? Starring Vambre and Prohyas Warrior!”.
Label Maker Magisword-0
Laser Pointer Magisword The Laser Pointer Magisword acts like a real laser pointer, shooting out a tiny red laser beam. Prohyas used it to distract the Pig Guards, similar to distracting a cat with a laser pointer.  Vambre also used it to distract Gateaux in the same manner. In a vlog, Prohyas uses it to distract Grup, but Grup walks into something and gets hurt.
Laser Pointer Magisword
Legendary Hyperspace Magisword The Legendary Hyperspace Magisword is a special Magisword that made its debut in "The Saga of Robopiggeh". It can create portals which teleport individuals to different locations in a matter of seconds. However, the user must have a specific destination in mind, or else he or she will be sent to a completely random location. The Magisword can only make three portals a day, after which it cannot be used again until the following day.
Hyperspace Magisword
Legendary Knowledge Magisword This is a special Magisword that debuted in the episode "Quest for Knowledge". Anyone that wields this sword can steal the knowledge of their opponents by blasting them. However, the knowledge only stays as long as the holder hangs on to the sword. Professor Cyrus mentioned that the map to the sword was confiscated from a "mysterious and smelly" student.
Knowledge Magisword
Legendary Swordmecha Magisword This is a special Magisword that appears in "The Incredible Tiny Warriors" Once a day, it can transform into a giant robot that the wielders can pilot from inside, and can use powers from other Magiswords via special ports.
Lettuce Magisword This Magisword can produce lettuce leaves. First seen in "Straining Day" but it was mentioned in "The Mystery of Loch Mess" where Prohyas said it was "in back order".
Lettuce Magisword
Levitation Magisword This rare Magisword can levitate people and objects, even in itself. Its users do not even have to use their hands. it appears in Danelda's possession in the episode "Hoppus the Hunted".
Levitation Magisword 2
Little Blue Bomb Magisword This Magisword shot explodes some blue bombs. The bombs first appeared in "Bark Attack", where the Tree J appeared at Prohyas with a mouth like a fabulous award, telling his name. Vambre used it later against Prohyas when they were controlled by Taunting Jester Magisword. It was also seen in "Squirreled Domination".
Little Blue Bomb Magisword
Lobster Claw Magisword The Lobster Claw Magisword is used to grab things, and can also be used as a pair of pliers.  Prohyas used it to hold on to a cactus which snapped causing him to fully sink in quicksand. Then Vambre used it to swipe the jewel from the Attacktus' chest. It can chop down wood in single slices.
Lobster Claw Magisword
Looky-Here Magisword
Looming Loom Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Sheepy Jungle Shearing". It can magically weave fabric from almost any material.
Luchador Magisword This Magisword gives its wielder a masked luchador costume and a Spanish-speaking announcer. It is first seen in "Team of Broccoli".
Magic Trick Magisword
Magic Trick Magisword
Magnet Magisword The Magnet Magisword is used to get pulled towards any metal. Used on Phil by Vambre to get her wallet back and used by Prohyas to get out of the quicksand and retrieve the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword from Hoppus.
Magnet Magisword
Magnifying Glass Magisword This Magisword was used by Vambre in "Getting Ahead" It basically looks like a giant magnifying glass that can be used to see things up close.
Magnifying Glass Magisword 2
Mask Magisword The Magisword Mask is guarded by the Keeper of the Mask in the Curse Mask Temple. Anyone who possesses magisword can generate cursed masks in humans. Masks depend on the emotional state of the user and cause the opponent to be affected in the condition (for example: if Vambre was too confident when he used the sword on Prohyas, if Prohyas receives the mask, he becomes confident too). The masks are also cursed to be blocked on the people and the Keeper. Normally, the only way to remove the mask is to be able to make a mask with a facial expression of mindless bliss. People can still be stuck with masks, even if they are dead. Prohyas and Vambre travel to the temple to get the mask, but they meet the watchman who gives him the challenge and the sword and give him the sword if he can make a mask expressed in his mind. Vambre has tried many attempts to mask Prohyas. The only things that can not be cursed are Magiswords, because their ability to shrink makes the masks fall. Masks can be jumped like platforms. It has a special move called Megamask, which lauches a gargantuan version of the mask of the enemy, but it is not known if it has emotional control. Masks can be jumped like platforms.
Mask Magisword
Meat Grinder Magisword This Magisword can be used to make sausages or to grind just about anything. Vambre used it to make Brockwurst (broccoli sausage) in "Docky & Buford's Decidedly Pathetic Adventure".
Meat Grinder Magisword
Mechanical Mole Magisword This Magisword was first seen in the Adventure Academy: Trollblin Thumb Wrestling. It is in the form of a robotic mole, which can bite through the toughest material with soft teeth. You can also dig through things.
Mega Drill Magisword This Magisword works similar to One Big Hole Magisword, but it does not create holes, but it forces them.
Mega-Drill Magisword
Microphone Magisword

This Magisword can be used to make voices louder, but does not require an amplifier. It also has has a set of headphones that can hook into it for surveillance purposes.

The Microphone Magisword looks and works like a microphone. The magisword first appeared in "The Desolation of Grup" which Prohyas used it to record Vambre and Grup's progress.

Microphone Magisword
Microwave Magisword

This Magisword can cook things  in a jiffy, but it goes on the fritz a lot, so it's not always the most  dependable choice. Please make sure dishes are microwave-safe.

This sword works similarly to the Radiator Magisword, except it doesn't burn your hand. It does not use stages and the heat it produces is more properly used for heating food. It was shown in the short "Identity Theft".

Microwave Magisword
Mirrorange Magisword This Magisword is a only a mirror that looks like an orange. It first appears in “To Balderly Go” and made its official debut in the Cartoon Network game “Double Trouble in Mirror Castle”
Mirrorange Magisword
Missing Sock Magisword The Missing Sock Magisword is capable of summoning nearby socks to the user. This Magisword is first seen at the short "Can I Keep Him?"

The socks can send projectiles from the Frog Missile Magisword back at the user, as shown in "Thick as Thieves".

Missing Sock Magisword
Monobrow Magisword This Magisword was mentioned by Prohyas in "Potion in the Ocean" and initially used in "Thick as Thieves". It can fire monobrows that stick to the opponent.
Monobrow Magisword
Monster Suit Magisword This Magisword was used in "Action Comedy" It can dress its target in a cheap monster suit, as the name would imply.
Monster Suit Magisword 2
Mop Magisword The Mop Magisword made a slight cameo in the short "Stairways & Spiders" in the "Choose Your Magisword" selective screen. It was also used to try and clean Grup in "Cleanliness is Next to Grupliness". It can create a small wave of water capable of covering the floor of a room. This was shown in the episode "Thick as Thieves".
Mop Magisword
Mousetrap Magisword This Magisword was used by Vambre in "Bad Man Oldman" It is capable of producing mousetraps.
Mousetrap Magisword
Mummy Magisword One of the Warriors for Hire's most frequently-used Magiswords, the Mummy Magisword projects strands of bandages at opponents. In "To Boulderly Go", it moves the rock and in Pig Iron, Prohyas fails to defeat Robot Piggy with it. Vambre tried using it against the Attacktus but he shook her and threw her away. The bandages are capable of being burnt off, but do not disintegrate in water.
Mummy Magisword
Muscly Arm Magisword

This Magisword can temporarily make someone's arm disproportionately larger and stronger. It's perfect for arm-wrestling contests.

The Muscly Arm gives the user a muscle-y arm that's strong enough to break a boulder. Vambre pulled it out when Queen Porcina asked if they'd like it if someone showed up with a Magisword shaped like a human body part. Vambre later used it to break free of a boulder Prohyas shot at her when they were being controlled by the Taunting Jester Magisword in "Surely You Jest-O". Vambre also used it during "Mushroom Menace" while fighting the Smashroom.

Muscly Arm Magisword
Nail Clipper Magisword A common Magisword, the nail clipper Magisword is used by Vambre to slice The Underground Hand Beast away. According to Vambre, there was a sale on it because "it's stupid". In "Cleanliness is Next to Grupliness", it's seen in a heap of garbage having been thrown away for being stupid and useless. In the Magisword Unboxing Vlog, Prohyas bought five Magisword blind-chests, all of which contained Nail Clipper Magiswords.
Nail Clipper Magisword
Needlessly Complicated Magisword This Magisword made a short cameo in "Hoppus the Hunted" when the Warriors were out buying a Magisword for Norman for his duel with Hoppus. Ralphio offered this sword but Prohyas found it too complicated for words. Its actual ability is to "needlessly complicate" any situation.
Ninjappearance Magisword First appearing in "Witchy Simone Ruins Everything". This Magisword can dress its target in full ninja attire.
Ninjappearence Magisword
Normcore Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Passe Pirate" It can dress its target in bland, everyday clothes. The word "normcore" combines the words "normal" and "hardcore."
Oinkus Oinkus Magisword This Magisword first appeared in Pig Iron, being claimed by Vambre in a competition between her and Prohyas to see who could claim it first. It generates a squeal like that of a pig, loud enough to induce pain. Vambre used it against an annoying Piggy who oinked at her causing him to apologize and vanish into his pond. As a reward, Vambre buys the Oinkus a suit. While not seemingly a sentient Magisword, Vambre on occasion strokes its back with a thick-bristle hairbrush. Kyle Carrozza voices the sword.
Oinkus Oinkus Magisword
Ointment Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: The Thousand Eye Stare" It can shoot ointment (after the user takes off the cap) that will rid its target of magical effects.
One Big Hole Magisword A variant of the Bunch of little holes Magisword, this Magisword can generate single large deep holes. Prohyas used it against Sales Deer and the Long Underwear Wolves in the episode "Flirty Phantom". Combined with the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword, later in the same episode, the Magisword can penetrate holes through the strongest force fields.
One Big Hole Magisword
Onion Magisword The Onion Magisword makes a scent that smells like onions but it does not work on the Snowmanpire, as only garlic harms vampires. It can also cause people to cry.
Onion Magisword
Oogly Googly Eye Magisword

This Magisword has prehensile eyes that can punch targets. It also catches people off guard with it's unnerving appearance.

This Magisword made a short cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at the Ralphio House of Swords. Vambre watched him before Prohyas observed Magisword Super Shooting Star. He appeared in "They See Me Trollblin", where Prohyas was shown to have bought it. It extends its eyes when squeezed by its user.

Oogly Googly Eyes Magisword
Opposable Thumb Magisword This Magisword was first seen in the "Adventure Academy: Trollblin Thumb Wrestling". It looks like a huge thumb that can be used for various purposes, such as thumb's up.
Optimism Bell Magisword
Optimism Bell Magisword
Pamper Pets Magisword This Magisword first appeared in "GOAT!" It apparently has the ability to create small animals that cater to the user's every whim.
Pamper Pets Magisword
Pan Flute Magisword This Magisword is a giant flute. Ralphio showed this to the Warrior for Hire in "Champion of Breakfast", but did not buy it, because Prohyas already had the Accordion Magisword.
Pan Flute Magisword
Pancake Magisword Pancake Magisword launches flapjacks. And also maple syrup and butter supply.
Pancake Magisword
Pandachute Magisword It looks like a panda and a parachute. It also acts as a parachute.
Pandachute Magisword 2
Paper Bag Magisword This Magisword can shoot paper bags (as the name suggests). It is also able to create a hand puppet to speak with one's hand. It was debuted in "Dungeons and Dayjobs". The first paper bag doll commented to Prohyas the love for the Slug Burgers. The second paper bag, landed on a customer, commented that he would be stuck on his arm and would not be used for anything else forever. He also commented on the child's complaint as "Tears of Joy". Jess Harnell voice the Puppets Bag imitating Wayne Newton.
Paper Bag Magisword
Parrot Scrissors Magisword The Parrot Scissors Magisword is a talking Magisword was used by Prohyas in Share and Share Dislike. He won Rock, Paper, Scissors with it to decide who uses the Super Shooting Star Magisword. It acts like a pair of scissors that is used to cut items. (In "Share and Share Dislike" it was used to cut the Sticky Note Magisword in half, much to Vambre's displeasure). Kyle Carrozza voices the sword.
Parrot Scrissors Magisword 2
Pencil Magisword As its name suggests the Pencil Magisword is a pencil. Belonging to Prohyas it is featured into "To Boulderly Go" when Prohyas uses it to write "open" on a boulder. It also appeared in a micro-short where Prohyas uses it to draw a mustache on King Rexxtopher and gets half-eaten by him. The mustaches show up again during No Robots for Old Men, when Prohyas draws mustaches on Old Man Oldman, Robo Piggy, and Grup the Dragon. Prohyas suggested using the Pencil Magisword against the Handbeast at one point since he hated getting pencil lead stuck in his fingernails but felt that it would be too specific for him. Though Prohyas' magisword, Vambre used it to draw a stool to get to the ice posy in "Mushroom Menace".
Pencil Magisword
Pencil Sharpener Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Enchanted Tree Chopping" It can turn wood into sharpened pencils and sharpen anything else you put in it.
Pencil Sharpener Magisword
Perfume Magisword This Magisword was used in "Biggest Fan" to make King Rexxtopher sneeze Glori out of his nose.
Perfume Magisword
Permanent Vacation Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Barking Broccoli Spider Barkdown" It can dress its target up for a vacation. It will also make them want to go on one.
Pillow Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Ham of Glory" It is capable of shooting pillows and is also very comfortable and can be slept on.
Pillow Magisword-0
Pineapple Surprise Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Too Commercial"

It was bought by Familiar and Bimm at the end of the episode. The abilities of this Magisword are currently unknown

Pineapple Surprise Magisword-2
Piñata Magisword This Magisword can create piñatas, seemingly in any likeness its user desires. It first appeared in "Vambre's Guilty Pleasure".
Piñata Magisword-0
Pixel Magisword This Magisword is pixelated, and can make other objects into pixelated shapes. It was introduced in the episode "Squideo Games", when Ralphio tried to get the Warriors to buy it.
Pizza Magisword This Magisword appeared in "Old Man Oldman". It looks like a pizza with lots of toppings on it, and the hilt is meant to represent a pizza cutter. It is able to produce endless amounts of pizza for consumation.
Pizza Magisword
Plunger Magisword The Plunger Magisword works just like a regular plunger. The Warriors receive it as a gift from Princess Zange for unclogging her sink. The two realize that they could have used it all along to get rid of the Drain Hair Monster. Old Man Oldman and the citizens of Rhyboflavin use that excuse to try to get the Warriors to unclog their sinks. Prohyas uses it to save Terri the Spider in the short "Stairways & Spiders" by sticking it to a wall.
Plunger Magisword
Pogo Stick Magisword The Pogo Stick Magisword acts like a real pogo stick and it enables the user to jump at high speed. Vambre used it to get to Prohyas when they were both being controlled by the Taunting Jester Magisword. It is capable of bouncing objects much bigger than itself, incredibly high.
Pogo Stick Magisword
Potato Peel Magisword This Magisword, first appearing in "Ain't That A Kick In The Side?", basically acts like a large vegetable peeler
Potato Peel Magisword
Proud Peacock Magisword
Puffy Vest Magisword
Puffy Vest Magisword
Rad Rocket Magisword The Rad Rocket Magisword allows anyone to fly over great distances, although it requires a great deal of focus and strength to control effectively. The Rad Rocket Magisword makes its first official appearance in Pig Iron where Vambre uses it to reach the top of the mountain to retrieve the Oinkus Oinkus Magisword, but misses it and ends up crashing into the ground. The Warriors for Hire later used it with their hover swords to get as far away from the Dinosaur Kingdom to return the Ankylosaurus, Frankylo to Goomer.
Rad Rocket Magisword
Radiator Magisword Like the name implies, this magisword is basically a large radiator. It can heat up areas around it, but can become to hot for people to hold.
Radiator Magisword
Rainbow Glasses Magisword The Rainbow Glasses Magisword produces glasses which cause crazy color effects.
Raincloud Magisword This Magisword creates a storm cloud that drenches and zaps its target with a thunderbolt. It was first seen in "Cleanliness is Next to Grupliness".
Rain Cloud Magisword
Retractable Ladder Magisword This Magisword works just like a retractable ladder. its lenght appears to be limitless.
Retractable Ladder Magisword
Robo Tank Magisword This Magisword shoots an energy blast that turns kitchen appliances (like toasters) into robot tanks. It was first seen in "Get that BORFL!". Vambre used it against the Borfl but Prohyas stopped her.
Robo Tank Magisword-0
Rodeo Magisword This hifalutin' Magisword has multiple uses. It can be used as a lasso, but it can also summon bulls, rodeo clowns, cowboy outfits, and, best of all, barbeque sauce! It deputed in "Transylbabies".
Rodeo Magisword 2
Roundabout Magisword The Roundabout Magisword is shaped like a yellow question mark with multiple curved arrows sticking out of it and a hilt with two arrows, one arrow slightly bent and the other one more curved. It can split attacks to make them head in random directions and changes the direction certain objects are headed.
Roundabout Magisword
Roundy Spinny Thing Magisword This Magisword first appeared in the possession of Familiar in "Quest for Knowledge". It resembles a large star chaser cat toy, and its abilities are currently unknown.
Familiar umnamed Magisword
Rubber Chicken Magisword This Magisword is a giant rubber chicken that when squeezed crows like a rooster like a real novelty rubber chicken. It appears in “Fixing-a-Flonk!” when Prohyas gave it to Flonk to help him in his comedy act.
Rubber Chicken Magisword-0
Rubber Spiky Magisword This Magisword made a brief cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at Ralphio's House of Swords. Vambre was looking at the sword until Prohyas showed her the Nose Magisword. It made an appearance in "They See Me Trollblin" where Vambre was shown to have purchased it. The spikes are actually made of rubber as shown in the same episode.
Rubble Spiky Magisword
Rubber Stamp Magisword Used by Prohyas in Biggest Fan. It works like a regular stamp. It is revealed in MagiMobile that it can stamp whatever the user imagines. (As long as it's on a solid surface)
Rubber Stamp Magisword
Rump Roast Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Ham of Glory" It can shoot red slabs of unspecified meat.
Runny Nose Magisword This Magisword made a brief cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at Ralphio's House of Swords. Prohyas was looking at the sword and humorously asked why it was a nose. It will cause the target to sneeze.
Nose Magisword 2
Rutabaga Magisword The Rutabaga Magisword was mentioned by Hoppus in MagiMobile. It can create rutabaga. Prohyas stole the sword (as well as the Onion, Celery, Carrot, and Bok Choy Magiswords) in "Gut Feelings" while he was under the control of his stomach. Vambre also used it on "Monkey Chunks" in The Tome of Morrow.
Rutabaga Magisword
Sad Violin Magisword
Sad Violin Magisword-0
Sea Salt Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Sluggernaut" It can create salt in various shapes and sizes.
Selective Memory Magisword

This frightening Magisword can erase whatever part of someone's memory the wielder desires.

This Magisword can erase any memory of the target that the user pleases. It was used by Nohyas to erase the memories of the Warrior siblings and a few other individuals.

Selective Memory Magisword 2
Sharkblade Magisword The Sharkblade Magisword's known abilities are the power to swim and breath underwater, similarly to the Dolphin Magisword, and having the jaw strength to bite through wood. It will gnaw at anything once put in front of it, and does not discriminate against living and inanimate.
Sharkblade Magisword
Shuffle Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Adventure Academy 101". It can shuffle anything into a completely randomized order.
Sleeping Dragon Magisword The Magisword makes anyone fall asleep. It does this by shooting an orange beam at the target's face. Dolphin Magisword uses it against Prohyas. Some beings are capable of shaking off its effects through force of will e.g. Prohyas uses it against the Handbeast which worked for a while until he woke himself up by clapping repeatedly and Vambre uses it against Hoppus but was not strong enough. It also has been seen in the short "The Desolation of Grup", Prohyas tries to get Grup zapped, but ends up getting zapped himself.
Sleeping Dragon Magisword
Slime Magisword This Magisword was first seen "Adventure Academy: Dragonators" As its name would imply, it can shoot goopy slime and also spawn slimes.
Slingshot Magisword

This Magisword is a slingshot that can vary it's size to be hand-held or much larger. It's size range means you can sling all slots of things. 

This Magisword works and looks like a giant slingshot. Vambre used it for her comedy falling routine to entertain Jurassi while he puts his leash back on him in the short, Walkies. Can be grown large enough to fire a person.

Sligshot Magisword
Smelly Shoe Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Barking Broccoli Spider Barkdown" It can fill an entire room with a foul-smelling scent.
Snowball Magisword This magisword freezes people and shoots snowballs at them. Vambre uses it to freeze King Rexxtopher. She also used it to make a snowman resembling Old Man Oldman in the short "Warriors for Hire" to demonstrate what a Magisword is.
Snowball Magisword
Snow Cone Magisword This Magisword can generate snowcones of virtually any flavor. Delish! It debuted in the episode "Transylbabies", when it was used to help protect the Snowmanpires from the heat.
Snowcone MS
Soothing Brush Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Meatier Milking" When its target is stroked by it, it will make them feel calm and relaxed.
Soothing Brush Magisword
Spiderweb Magisword Spiderweb Magisword is a unique Magisword that looks like a small spider with a golden abdomen. The Warriors were after the sword, which was guarded by the giant spider, Teri Gargantuan, in the short, "Stairways & Spiders". This Magisword can generate a silken material that can be used to spin large spiderwebs. It also seems to create (or at least attract) large baby spiders.
Spiderweb Magisword
Spring-a-Leek Magisword
Springtime Magisword This Magisword was first seen in the "Adventure Academy: Weather or Naught". Can create a spring atmosphere in a short radius, along with flowers and butterflies.
Squeaky Nightstick Magisword The Squeaky Nightstick Magisword has the appearance of a purple, inflatable nightstick with an M! Insignia surrounded by a shouting bubble. When activated, it quickly wobbles back and forth, hitting the opponent in a comic style.
Squeaky Nighstick Magiswords
Squeegee Magisword This Magisword seems to function like a normal squeegee, and was first seen in "Winning at Whining".
Squeegee Magisword
Sticky Note Magisword Sticky Note Magisword can create small sticky notes, which can be fired at the opponent, or used to leave messages.
Sticky Note Magisword
Stirring Spoon Magisword This Magisword was used by Kablammica in "Gut Feelings". it works like a blender and it's used to stir soup.
Stirring Spoon Magisword
Stuffed Animal Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Sheepy Jungle Shearing". It can shoot a variety of stuffed animals.
Sucker Fishing Pole Magisword This Magisword functions as a fishing pole, but uses a fish-shaped suction cup to catch things instead of a hook. It first appeared in “For the Love of Narwhal!
Sun Face Magisword This Magisword can glow, warm things, and shoot little sun faces that can also glow and warm things.
Sun Face Magisword 2
Super Shooting Star Magisword This specific Magisword has played an important role in "Share and Share Dislike". Prohyas and Vambre were obsessed with the sword and could not escape their obsession. It draws the star as the name implies and is also known as a Magisword boss. When Frostferatu stole the sword to make Vambre and Prohyas pay attention to it, the Warriors used almost ALL of their Magiswords to retrieve it.
Super Shooting Star Magisword
Swish Navy Magisword

From the mysterious land of Swisherland comes this sword with over 100 uses, including a hacksaw, trumpet, corkscrew, catcher's mitt, cuckoo and more. Warning: For advanced Magisword users only.

The Navy Swish Magisword has the shape of a red Swiss Swiss knife with a M symbol on it. Its function is to act as a multifunctional tool, similar to a Swiss knife. Known tools are a saw blade attached to a rope, a hook, a tentacle and a spoken heart attached to a spring. Noville currently owns this Magisword, though he loaned it to Vambre in Pachydermus Interruptus.

Swish Navy Magisword
Tape Measure Magisword The Tape Measure Magisword was first shown in "Grup Jam", where Vambre used it to measure her teammates. Prohyas also used it to enter the classroom in "Adventure Academy: Dino Ducking". It functions like an ordinary measuring tape.
Taunting Jester Magisword The Taunting Jester Magisword is one of the few magic that speaks. Magisword's ability to control minds, even users, makes victims feel bad and/or entertaining. Magisword has a mind of its own and was used by Jest-O the Best-O against the warriors for rent who turned against each other. According to Jest-O, fun is the source of his power, which is why Magisword forces the Warriors to have fun. The sword speaks like a drilling sergeant who often throws orders and noises for warriors to make them bid. Warriors for rent have managed to surprise the sword through a combined movement of Wad of Gum Magisword and Magisword, as well as the Hook Magisword. Tom Kenny the sword voice.
Tauting Jester Magisword
Telescope Magisword The Telescope Magisword can act as a real telescope to trace locations. Unlike a real telescope, it can slip on the ground and extend through magic like the Hook Magisword.
Telescope Magisword
This Way Magisword This Magisword moves itself and its user in the direction it's pointing.
This Way Magisword
Tickle Magisword This was first appeared in "Taming of the Swords". It is modeled as a feather so it can tickle the target, making them laugh, uncontrollably.
Screenshot 2017-12-13-23-11-22-1
Toboggan Magisword This Magisword was first seen in the "Adventure Academy: Weather Or Naught". It can shoot sleds that grow so that more people can ride.
Tomato Magisword Used to shoot tomatoes on humans. Vambre often uses Prohyas when he tells bad jokes. A fart sound is heard when a tomato is striked to someone or something like that. As a child Nohyas was somehow able to set fire to the Warrior family's barn using the Tomato Magisword. In one of the Mighty Magisword Vlog records, Vambre reveals that Magisword was given to her by her mother, Kablammica Warrior, and is thus her first Magisword.
Tomato Magisword
Tongue Magisword This Magisword made a short cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at the Ralphio House of Swords. While Vambre looked at Rubber Spikes Magisword, this sword appeared beneath it. It will cause the target's tongue to twist.
Tongue Magisword
Toothbrush Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Random Acts of Memory". It can shoot toothbrushes.
Toothbrush Magisword
Tree Branch Magisword This Magisword made a brief cameo in "Share and Share Dislike" at Ralphio's House of Swords. While Prohyas was looking at the Double Face Magisword, this sword appeared underneath it. It can create branches and sticks.
Branch Magisword
Trouser Magisword This Magisword is able to create pants of any size. Vambre has a deep hatred of pants, as shown in the "Champions of Breakfast", when Ralphio showed the magisword, Vambre immediately responded, "HOW DARE YOU!!" due to her aforementioned hatred of pants.
Trouser Magisword
Umbrellephant Magisword it was first seen in "Get that BORFL!". it works just like a regular umbrella.
  • closed version
  • open version
Underpants Magisword This kind of Magisword, quite stupid, was found by Prohyas in "Felonious Prose". Has the power to create panties and other clothing. Conjugated Lingerie has the power to hold more people.
Underpants Magisword
Unnamed Bird Magisword
Unnamed Bird Magisword
Unnamed Compass Magisword
Unravel Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Adventure Academy 101". It can untie anything that has been sewn together.
Unravel Magisword-0
Veg-A-Splode Magisword This Magisword was first seen in the "Adventure Academy: Enchanted Tree Chopping" It can shoot food or plants that explode to explode plants. (Do not say!)
Veg-A-Splode Magisword
Vladcuum the Inhaler Magisword This Magisword has a vampire motif, and seems to function as a normal vacuum cleaner. It first appeared in "Helping Cattus Help".
Wad of Gum Magisword This sword shoots gigantic sticky gum wads to the opponent. Prohyas uses the sword to shoot a gum in the face of a Pig Guard. Together with Magisword, a gum bubble can be generated on the opponent's face with a piece of gum stuck in the mouth.
Wad of Gum Magisword
Waffle Magisword Waffle Magisword shoots out waffles, which can be big enough to function as a shield, can be split into launch cases and fast enough to shelter in wooden doors
Waffle Magisword
Walk the Plank Magisword Used by Skullivan in "Biggest Fan" and by Prohyas in "Grup Jam". It can create planks and possibly wood.
Walk the Prank Magisword
Warm Hug Magisword This Magisword was first seen in "Adventure Academy: Snow Decoy" It can give its target long, warm hugs.
Wet Noodle Magisword This Magisword can flood a room with noodles, either for eating or for having fun. It is first seen in “Agent of Destruction”, wherein Prohyas and Vambre flood their living room with lots of macaroni noodles.
Wet Noodle Magisword
Whirlwind Magisword This Magisword is the signature sidearm of Cattus the One Blade, and made its debut in "Catbook: The Status of Cattus". It can, among other things, generate small cyclones, create figures made of wind, and enable its user to fly.
Whirlwind Magisword
Wickersnapper Magisword The Wickersnapper Magisword is shaped like a whip. It has the ability to generate wicker objects. It can be uses to wrap people in wicker, or turn into a wicker basket, attached to the sword handle. Prohyas tried to use it to capture the Taunting Jester Magisword but the sword made Jest-O the Best-O jump so high that it missed.
Wickernassper Magisword
X-Ray Magisword The X-ray Magisword works as a retractable X-ray, showing the bones of those held behind it.
X-Ray Magisword
Zombie Pumpkin Magisword Belonging to Prohyas, this Magisword was used to get the Tree J to stop talking. Speaks with a lisp and can shoot acidic seeds at people known as the Seeds of the Undead. It also hungers for pumpkin insides. Zombie Pumpkin also has an ability called "Zombie Bark Buster" which involves the sword being used to break down trees. Zombie Pumpkin sometimes copies the last word others say (similar to what Gateaux does with Morbidia), often saying the words "Oooh Yeah! Yeah!". Prohyas later made the Zombie Pumpkin converse with Old Man Oldman, Grup and the Robopiggeh who commented on how dumb all of them are. The sword was also used against the Keeper of the Mask, who shot him with a Cursed Mask Magisword but his zombie regenration powers caused him to grow a new face but making it indisrukablie. His zombie regeneration powers allow parts of his face to be cut off with no negative consequences, and eyes to be taken out easily. As seen when the One eyed newt was given his eyes, Zombie Pumpkin Magisword can see ghosts along with anyone else possessing his vision. Kyle Carrozza voices the sword. It seems to have a good friendship with Prohyas. In "Zombie Reasonable", it seems to need pumpkin insides to use it's abilities. It may have an ability to sense pumpkins.

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword became the main point in the TV episode "Mushroom Menace" where it reveals that the Zombie Pumpkin's abilities are based on the kind of pumpkins he eats. Regular pumpkins allow him to shoot Seeds of the Undead. Peppermint pumpkins makes him look like one & makes his breath smell like peppermint, blue pumpkins turn him blue, squashes turn him into a yellow French squash with a need to fight , and seeds of a giant pumpkin house turn him into a zombie pumpkin magiswordzilla. Despite his belief that he couldn't hurt fungi, after eating the giant Smashroom he grew a little larger and gained a mushroom cap. Other unknown moves that it may have include "Zombie Mush Masher" and "Zombie Fungus Fist". It's an adorable pumpkin head with yellow eyes and black circles on the outside with a stitched mouth. and it has a bark handle and two leaves on the vine.

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword has a habit of saying "oooh" before talking sometimes and "dop" when wanting to eat pumpkin insides.

The seeds of the undead will cause ghost to be temporararily powerless, as shown in Flirty Phantom with Penny.

Being undead, he has no need for oxygen and can breath underwater with no problems as seen in Potion in the Ocean. He also can move by himself if upright.

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword

Magiswords from other Cartoon Network TV Series

Name Description Image
Aggravated Alien Magisword The Aggravated Alien Magisword blasts out bolts of green energy in all directions. It is the dangerous. Based on Starfire from the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go!.
Aggravated Alien Magisword
Annoying Detective Magisword This Magisword is constantly searching for clues, and spouting crackpot theories. Based on Robin from the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go!.
Annoying Detective Magisword
B.R.I.A.N. Magisword This Magisword will cause any word it is pointed at to become automatically misspelled. Based on Brain from the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
B.R.I.A.N. Magisword
Bear of All Trades Magisword This Magisword can temporarily make the user adept at all kinds of skills, such as cooking, dancing, karate, languages, and much more. Based on Ice Bear from the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears.
Bear of All Trades Magisword
Bear Stack Magisword This Magisword can cause a group of objects magically stack themselves. It is based off of Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear from the Cartoon Network TV show "We Bare Bears" in their bearstack form.
Bear Stack Magisword
Beast Mode Magisword This Magisword randomly turns the user into a shark, snake, T-Rex, or kitten. Based on Beast Boy's animal forms from the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Beast Mode Magisword

Bee Money Magisword

Need some cash? The Bee Money Magisword fires valuable bumblebees, which can be exchanged for goods and services. Based on episode "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans GO!
Unnamed Magisword (3)
Black Hat Magisword This Magisword resembles Black Hat's black top hat. It shoots a black and red energy blast that can destroy planets. It was first seen in Villainous-Villain Orientation Videos: The missing files of Rhyboflaven and makes it's canon debut in the episode "Ghosthaste" in the Magiswords safe.
Booyah Magisword Need a catchphrase? This Magisword shouts "BOOYAH" at the top of it's lungs. It is based on Cyborg from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans GO!
Unnamed Magisword (1)
Box of Baby Bears Magisword This Magisword launches the sweet bear puppies in the target. It must be reloaded after three shots. It is based on the younger versions of Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear from Cartoon Network's "We Bare Bears" show in their "Free Bears" in the We Bare Bears episode, "The Road"
Box of Baby Bears Magisword-0
Burrito Love Magisword This Magisword can burrito-fy anything, causing any pile of ingredients it is pointed at to become wrapped up in a giant tortilla. Based on Baby Grizz and his burrito from the Cartoon Network show "We Bare Bears".
Burrito Love Magisword
Chuckleheads Magisword This Magisword will laugh at anything, even the worst jokes or dumbest gags, and it will cause others to do the same thing. This is based on Batman and Commissioner Gordon from the Cartoon Network TV show "Teen Titans Go!".
Chuckleheads Magisword
Crystal Clear Magisword This Magisword can shoot shiny diamond shards that can cut through nearly anything. It is based off of the arm of Diamondhead from the Cartoon Network TV show Ben 10
Crystal Clear Magisword
Demon Rage Magisword This Magisword has the power to scare even the bravest souls. Handle with care. It is based on Raven in her Demon Form from the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Demon Rage Magisword
Double Gauntlet Magisword This Magisword can smash through almost anything. It looks like Garnet's gauntlets from the Cartoon Network TV show Steven Universe
Double Gauntlet Magisword
Emoticlone Magisword This Magisword splits the wielder into their five core traits of their personality, each of them with a different color. It is based on the Mysterious Prism, from the "Colors of Raven" and "Some Of Their Parts" episodes of the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Emoticlone Magisword
Fish Outta Water Magisword Using the power of friendship, the user can adapt to any environment. (They can spawn legs, wings, scales, gills, etc.) It is based on Darwin from the Cartoon Network TV show "The Amazing World of Gumball."
Fish Outta Water Magisword
Fist Bump Magisword This Magisword helps homies help homies! When used, it summons your best friend right to your side. It is based on Finn and Jake from the Cartoon Network show "Adventure Time".
Fist Bump Magisword
Fistful of POW Magisword This Magisword will fling a large amount of POW collector cards at your target. Watch out for near-mint paper cuts! Based on K.O. and his POW card collection from the Cartoon Network show "OK K.O.". The Magisword makes it's canon debut in the episode "Let's Team Up Because We Aren't Bad Friends" used by Radicles.
Fistful of POW Magisword
Fully Armed Magisword This Magisword cause the user to grow an additional pair of arms. The sword is based off of Four Arms from the Cartoon Network TV show "Ben 10"
Fully Armed Magisword
Funny Face Magisword This Magisword forces the target to make various funny, wacky faces. It lasts about 11 minutes. It is based on Gumball from the Cartoon Network TV show "The Amazing World of Gumball"
Funny Face Magisword
Harebrained Magisword The Magisword shrinks your brain to the size of a peanut. Mmm, peanuts. It is based on Richard Watterson from the Cartoon Network show "The Amazing World of Gumball".
Harebrained Magisword
Hothead Magisword This Magisword causes the target's head to burst into bright, yet completely harmless, flames. It is based off of Heatblast from the Cartoon Network TV show "Ben 10"
Hothead Magisword
Internet Famous Magisword This Magisword causes any video taken when it is in the frame to instantly go viral on the internet. Based on the Internet Famous episode from the Cartoon Network show "We Bare Bears".
Internet Famous Magisword
League of Legs Magisword This Magisword can temporarily make someone's legs bigger, stronger, and beefier, like a leg version of the Muscly Arm Magisword. It is based on Lady Legasus, from the Cartoon Network Show "Teen Titans Go!".
League of Legs Magisword
Lil 'Bumgorf Magisword This Magisword will eat anything in sight. Possibly sentient. Based on Silky in Show Cartoon Network "Teen Titans Go!"
Lil' Bumgorf Magisword
Little Buddy Magisword This Magisword brings pain, perhaps through a variety of painful tools on its many weapons, such as lasers, bundles, pirates, and electrical tasers. It's based on Painbot in the Cartoon Show network "Teen Titans Go!", Especially the episode titled "Little Buddies".
Little Buddy Magisword
Money Grandma Magisword This Magisword can fire wigs that force those that wear them to tell the truth. May also have other presidential powers. Based on the depiction of George Washington from the Cartoon Network Show "Teen Titans Go!".
Money Grandma Magisword
Pretty Pretty Pegasus Magisword This Magisword uses love and friendship to teach valuable life lessons. It is based on the Pretty Pretty Pegasus show, the favorite TV Show of Raven from the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Pretty Pretty Pegasus Magisword
Purrfect Parent Magisword This Magisword will yell at you until you give 110%. It is based on a trophy of Nicole from the Cartoon Network TV show "The Amazing World of Gumball"
Purrfect Parent Magisword
Purple Puma Magisword This Magisword will transform you into a giant masked wrestler. It is based on Amethyst and her wrestling alter-ego Purple Puma, from the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe".
Purple Puma Magisword
Reboot Magisword It's modeled after Control Freak's remote from the Teen Titans GO! episode "The Fourth Wall"
Reboot Magisword
Roly Poly Magisword This Magisword can make its user curl up into a ball and roll around at high speeds. It may cause motion sickness. It is based off of Cannonbolt from the Cartoon Network TV show "Ben 10"
Roly Poly Magisword
Secret Identity Magisword This Magisword shoots out black masks that stick to the target's face and makes them suddenly become unrecognizable to others. It is based on Robin, from the episode "The Mask" of the Cartoon Network Show "Teen Titans Go!".
Secret Identity Magisword
Shining Night Magisword This Magisword plays the ultimate song ever written, "The Night Begins to Shine", on a constant loop. Guaranteed to pump you up! It is based on "The Night Begins To Shine!", Cyborg's favorite song from the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Shining Night Magisword
Singing And Crying Magisword This Magisword causes people targeted by it to express their deepest emotions through the power of song. It is based on Pearl from the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe". The sword makes it's canon debut in the episode "Ghosthaste" in the Magiswords safe.
Singing And Crying Magisword
Slime Time Magisword This Magisword sprays out globs of stinky, gooey slime. Perfect for testing your stain fighting ability, or just grossing someone out. It is based on Stinkfly from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10".
Slime Time Magisword
Smarty Pants Magisword This Magisword temporarily makes you the smartest member of your family. Results vary based on the IQ of your family members. It is based on Anais Watterson from the Cartoon Network Show "The Amazing World of Gumball".
Smarty Pants Magisword
Speedster Magisword This Magisword allows you to run incredibly fast. However, if you trip or run into something, things could get messy. It is based on XLR-8 from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10".
Speedster Magisword
Splash Master Magisword This Magisword can allow the user to breathe under water and draw water to the opponents. It's based on Overflow from the show "Ben 10"
Splash Master Magisword
Sticky Garbage Magisword Sticky Garbage Magisword is not so useful, but it will shout "Howdy!" with a cheerful and pleasant voice. Of course you smiled on your face. It's based on Sticky Joe in the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans Go!".
Sticky Garbage Magisword
Techno Puddle Magisword This Magisword can create a puddle of liquid metal that can be used to improve technology. Based on Upgrade from the Cartoon Network series "Ben 10"
Techno Puddle Magisword
Together Breakfast Magisword Fires off a delicous stack of waffles, whipped cream, strawberries, and popcorn. Anyone who eats it temporarily becomes the user's BFF. Based on episode "Together Breakfast" from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.
Unnamed Magisword (2)
Tooth Fairy Magisword This Magisword can turn loose teeth into cash piles. Ka-ching! Based on the Teeth Fairy in the Cartoon Network TV show, "Teen Titans Go!".
Tooth Fairy Magisword
Towering Titan Magisword This Magisword transforms any object into a convenient T form. It is based on Titan's Tower on the Cartoon Network TV show, "Teen Titans Go!".
Towering Titan Magisword
Vexing Vines Magisword This Magisword can use vines to upset their opponents. It can also accelerate plant growth. Based on Wildvine from the Cartoon Network TV show "Ben 10"
Vexing Vines Magisword-0
Wee Genius Magisword This Magisword shrinks every part of the wielder except for the brain, which makes them tiny but super-smart. It is based on Grey Matter from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10".
Wee Genius Magisword


  • In the Dolphin Magisword Vlog, Prohyas describes the nature of Magiswords: "I probably shouldn't be thinking about a lot of this...It's magic. (Yay! Magic!)"
  • For the Summer of 2016 a bunch of Magiswords based on other shows such as Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and OK K.O. were released in the Magimobile app.
    • It is currently unknown whether these Magiswords are canon or not
  • Magiswords can be shrunken to a tiny size for easy storage and carry, referred to as sheathing a Magisword. According to Zombie Pumpkin Magisword, a sheathed sentient Magisword does not actively think while in this form, which he compares to being asleep.
  • Vambre claims that "Magical Food", food produced by Magiswords such as the Excaliburger Magisword, Cheese Magisword, Pizza Magisword and Tomato Magisword, has no nutritional value and will not satisfy hunger if consumed. Despite this, there have been numerous instances of characters throughout the show enjoying food produced by Magiswords. This may imply that Magical food tastes good, but has no physical substance when consumed. However, Prohyas and Vambre became visibly sick after consuming a large amount of Pizza produced by the Pizza Magisword, leaving the physical complications of magical food vague at best.
  • Despite the Boulder Magisword belonging to Prohyas, it has been used more times by Vambre as seen in multiple clips of Mighty Magisword in CN Anything.
  • Magisword Romance seems to exist, as shown by the vlog "Play Date" where is hinted that Zombie Pumpkin Magisword has a crush on Dolphin Magisword.
  • The Zombie Pumpkin Magisword, Auto Style Magisword, Dolphin Magisword, Oinkus Oinkus Magisword, Dummystein Magisword, Paper Bag Magisword, Attractive Voice Magisword, Bird Call Magisword, Parrot Scissors Magisword, Carnivorous Plant Magisword, and Taunting Jester Magisword are currently the only Magiswords to have voice actors.
    • The Taunting Jester Magisword and Auto Style Maagisword are only Magiswords capable of speaking human language that is not voiced by Kyle Carrozza.
    • The Paper Bag Magisword is the only talking Magisword that does not talk on its own, but can generate items that are capable of speaking: paper bag puppets (voiced by Jess Harnell).
    • The Dummystein Magisword does not have a voice of its own, and instead takes the voice of someone else.
    • While the Dolphin, Birdcall, Oinkus Oinkus and Carnivorous Plant Magiswords have voices, their utterances only consist of growls, sneezes, and other sound effects. Out of the four, Oinkus Oinkus, Birdcall, and Carnivorous Plant are the only Magiswords to be voiced by an actor on a regular basis, as Dolphin Magisword mostly communicates via sound clips of actual dolphins. Furthermore, Dolphin and Carnivorous Plant are the only Magiswords incapable of speaking human language that are not voiced by Kyle Carrozza.
  • In an interview with's "Today We Learned" podcast, Kyle Carrozza said the Magiswords idea came from the Power Rangers, an adaptation of the Japanese Super Sentai series. In these shows, characters often use guns well-named for very specific purposes. Kyle took from these shows the main concept of Magiswords with only one specific use each, and also why the voice announcer calls out the name and the attack of each sword.


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