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Helmut is a playground bully who appears in the Mighty Magiswords first 5-minute short, "Warriors for Hire".


Helmut is known for his signature warrior helmet, and wears a purple shirt, has buck teeth, wears dark blue pants and brown shoes.

5-minute shorts

He was seen in a flashback with the 5-year old Warriors for Hire making fun of them by telling them that they'll never be warriors and Rhyboflavin doesn't need warriors. He says it again years later when Old Man Oldman and the other citizens of Rhyboflavin refuse the Warriors for Hire's services. Prohyas questioned on how his appearance remained the same, in which he replied "I have a condition!". Princess Zange arrives and tells them that since there the same age, they don't have to bow to her in which Helmut calls them Dorks. Zange banishes him from Rhyboflavin for an hour, causing him to hiss in disgust. He appears at the end of the episode, calling the Warriors "dorks" when Old Man Oldman told them that he wanted them to do custodial work for him.

TV series

In the episode "Felonious Prose", he covers for Noville at the Printed Page Bookstore while he's out for the delivery, in which he sneezes and wipes his nose on the books and mocks the customers for wanting to read "books". Helmut also suggested to Noville to go after Vambre after finding out the truth.

In the episode "Gotta Get Grup to Get Down" he appears calling Gateaux and Morbidia dorks before she turns him into a frog.

He later appears in "Dungeons and Dayjobs" still in the form of a frog, eating at Slugburger with Noville.

He also covered for Noville in the episode, "The Tome of Morrow" and constantly convinced Sir Grimmsibald Femursworth to shapeshift him after he made several attempts to turn him back to normal.

In the episode "Bewitched, Bothered and Bothered Some More!", it reveals that he is Flonk's older brother, having raised him since his infancy. He also reveals that he prefers his life as a frog at this point due to the advantages he has.


  • His role is very similar to Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons.
  • Helmut has a condition which makes him look a child.
  • As of Gotta Get Grup to Get Down, he has been turned into a frog.