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Gracie and Alex are two young siblings of Mighty Magiswords.

They are fans of Prohyas And Vambre and often pretend to be adventurers like them.



Gracie is a light skinned young girl with freckles on her cheeks, a tooth gap, dark red hair with two pigtails and a hair pin shaped like a sword. She wears a blue vest over a deep yellow dress, blue leggings and brown gloves and boots.


Alex is the shorter brother and has fair skin and messy blond hair. Alex wears a green shirt with Piggy Pie Jones' face, purple shorts and dark brown shoes.


Gracie and Alex are seen playing in the Rhyboflaven Bazaar during the episode Don't Read the Comments, they were also present cheering for the Warriors during their award ceremony the decades-old animosity between Pirates and Unicorns. they meet Vambre and Prohyas and tell them how they read of their adventures in the Opinion Board. after this, Prohyas invites them to eat with him and Vambre at Slugburger.

Gracie and Alex make a second appearance in Vambre's Guilty Pleasure, congratulating Vambre for defeating the Octoshark in the boardwalk. they're seen later outside the Piggy Pie Jones concert helping Vambre launch herself into the concert ceiling with a giant slingshot, they later save Vambre from the Bite Beasts by scaring them with hand shadow puppets, after this they join Vambre and Prohyas to watch the concert.


  • Gracie and Alex share similar traits with Vambre and Prohyas.
    • They're a brother and sister duo.
    • Gracie is taller than Alex just like Prohyas is taller than Vambre.
    • Gracie shares some physical similarities with Prohyas, namely their head shape and hair style, same with Alex and Vambre both having black pupils with colored irises and two loose hair strands on top of their heads.
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