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Goomer is a slimeball who first appeared in the Mighty Magiswords episode "The Land Before Slime". He communicates in bubbly, incomprehensible speech that is often translated by Vambre.


Goomer has an up-beat personality and the Warriors (much to Prohyas' dismay since a man can only take so much cute) think that he is cute and adorable. Goomer use that to his advantage to get the Warriors to bring Frankylo to him. However, when he realize that his lie caused too much trouble, he stepped in and told the truth.

3-minute shorts

In his first appearance "The Land Before Slime", he hired the Warriors for Hire to retrieve a missing baby Ankleosaurus from the Dinosaur Kingdom. Prohyas is reluctant at first because of King Rexxtopher, but Goomer sobbingly begs in which Prohyas gives in but demands that he has to pay 50 gems in full. Goomer shreiks in glee but Prohyas stops him because he can only take so much cute.

He paid the Warriors in full and is now playing with Frankylo the Ankleosaurus. But when he sees Rexxtopher damaing Rhyboflavin and preparing to face the Warriors for Frankylo, the two show up at an instant and Goomer whispers to Vambre, who translates his bubbly speech, that he lied and wanted a baby Ankleosaurus to hang around because he doesn't have any limbs. King Rexxtopher notices it and feels benevolent and allows Frankylo and Goomer to hang, but banishes the Warriors for Hire from the Dinosaur Kingdom again.

TV series

Goomer and Frankylo made their first appearance since "The Land Before Slime" in the episode Biggest Fan where they call Prohyas warning them about Glori causing a ruckus in the Dinosaur Kingdom.


  • A running gag in his first appearance is that Goomer's cuteness makes Prohyas leave as he could not take it ("A man could only take so much cute")
  • Goomer may be based on the Goombas and Galoombas from the Mario games as the creator Kyle A. Carrozza has been a huge Mario fan since 1988.