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Frankylo is a baby Ankylosaurus and the son of the best friend of King Rexxtopher's sister in Mighty Magiswords. As an Ankylosaurus, he has rows of spikies and a bloopy thing at the end of his tail as revealed by Vambre.


Frankylo is a very friendly Ankylosaurus and as such, often makes friends fast. This is practically why Vambre and Prohyas mistook him for Goomer's missing pet.

3-minute shorts

He was discovered and kidnapped by Vambre and Prohyas to the Dinosaur Kingdom so they can give him to Goomer. As the two met, they get along instantly. Later, as Rexxtopher destorys Rhyboflavin looking for him, Goomer and Frankylo came to the rescue to stop it. Rexxtopher revealed that Frankylo is a friendly Ankylosaurus and makes friends fast. Feeling benevolent, he lets the two be friends and hang out.

TV series

Goomer and Frankylo made their first appearance since "The Land Before Slime" in the episode Biggest Fan where they call Prohyas warning them about Glori causing a ruckus in the Dinosaur Kingdom.


  • He is very friendly, which the Warriors assumed he was domesticated.
  • His spikes on his head are very similar to Pikachu from Pokemon.