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Frankie Jupiter is a singer who debuts in only two episodes; Sibling Sorcery and Don't Read the Comments, who is a direct parody of famous singer Freddie Mercury. Most of his appearances involve him singing about the situation that the characters are in. He is voiced by Robbie Rist.


When he made his debut in Sibling Sorcery he wore a black short sleeve jacket some red rock pants, shoes that looked like Elvis', and possesses the Microphone Magisword. In Don't read the comments he wore a blue diving suit.


Frankie Jupiter is very eccentric, especially when he sings. He often dances throughout his performances.

TV Series

In his first appearance, "Sibling Sorcery", he appears out from Phil's bag to announce the World Witch Awards and the prize of the Golden Broomstick Magisword. Phil gleefully asked if it was really the Golden Broomstick Magisword, which Frankie replied with a simple "Yes" as he walked away. He later appeared out of nowhere in Slug Burger to announce to Witchy Simone about her sister Witchy Sparkles requesting her presence at the World Withc Awards. As Frankie gets taken away via eagle, Simone not amused sarcastically sings along. Frankie also sang off-screen to the song "Two Witches" during a montage where Sparkles and Simone look for ingredients and the Warriors try to find Phil.

His second and final appearance, "Don't Read the Comments", Frankie was hired by Man Fish the Fishman to sing to Prohyas the words from the updated comments on the bulletin board. Frankie sings on how Prohyas was over his head and caused the Pucca Shell to get away and mocked Prohyas in many degrees. While Man Fish praises the song, Prohyas was furious due to the context of him being made fun of. Towards the end of the song, Frankie asks Man Fish if he got it right and gave a small "Sorry".


  • The character was created based off of character designer Lila Gonzalez' love for Freddie Mercury.
  • His design went through many different stages and changes due to presumably legal reasons.
  • He only made two appearances as creator Kyle Carrozza felt that the future episodes weren't much song worthy expositions enough for him to make his appearance necessary.