Familiar is a cat magician and former student of Adventure Academy, who debuted in the Mighty Magiswords: Adventure Academy shorts. He made his debut as an adult in the episode "Quest for Knowledge". He is voiced by Rider Strong.


Familiar is a green cat who wears a orange shirt with a blue vest, blue pants and orange boots. Also, he wears a blue armband with a hat and has a bandage on his tail.


Familiar has a calm and collected personality. He is very pessimistic and often makes sarcastic comments. In the Academy Shorts and the original series, Familiar was mostly calm and reserved, but very curious like his sister. Though in the shorts he doubted his abilities in the first episode, he quickly began to show adventurous capabilities that he would later perform throughout the show. On some occasions, he showed signs of annoyance usually because of something to do with Vambre and Prohyas, and despite him being on his MagiMobile in some scenes, he still goes on quests or does event jobs.

Adventure Academy shorts

In his debut appearance, during roll call, he announced his reason for enrollment is to gain another skill besides being agile.

TV Series

Familiar along with Bimm were two of Professor Cyrus' students in the Adventure Academy and later became adventurers of their own. Though reluctant and often out of obligation, Familiar starred in a few episodes, two of which involved he and Bimm struggling to go on quests and needing guidance from the Warriors for Hire. In Quest for Knowledge, they returned again with the rest of the former alumni to find the legendary Knowledge Magisword with the goal to become more famous with it. When he, Bimm, and Phibby were cornered by one of Glori's sabotages, they defeated it together and continued with Vambre and Prohyas' plan out of reluctance for separating from them, eventually leading to them reaching the sword held by Glori. He was defeated by her when she found his weakness was a chin scratch but recovered and later gave the sword to V and P for their effort, even if he didn't find them worthy. Later on, however, he and Bimm were loved by Rhybloflaven citizens and made famous when the begun to advertise and proved to be successful.



Familiar throughout the years.

Familiar was created by Kyle A. Carrozza (alongside Morbidia and Gateaux) in college, and was very different compared to his final incarnation. Originally, he was a cowardly black cat who served as the sidekick to Morbidia instead of Gateaux, who in term was the sidekick of the witch rival character, Collette. When Kyle originally pitched the Magiswords concept to Cartoon Network, Familiar was given an updated appearance of a witch. The character eventually became a sorcerer in the final version.

Familiar's 1999 design


Familiar's 2013 design


Familiar takes his name from the term Familiar spirit, a creature that works as an assistant to a wizard or witch and generally takes the form of an animal, traditionally a black cat.


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