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"Do You Know the Muffin King?" is the twenty-sixth Mighty Magiswords short. The short was released on MagiMobile in November 11, 2016 but was finally released online on Cartoon Network UK's YouTube channel on March 5, 2017 and, as well as the rest of the un-aired shorts, on Cartoon Network Video on May 26, 2017.


The Warriors are treated to a banquet by the grateful Kotassians and Vambre accidentally eats their king.


Major characters

Minor characters

Magiswords used

  • Cuppa Joe Magisword (Prohyas; 3)
  • Monobrow Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Clapping Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Snowball Magisword (Vambre; 8)
  • Ground Pound Magisword (Vambre; 3)
  • Hoversword Magisword (Prohyas; 5)
  • Giant Egg Magisword (Prohyas; 2)
  • Dairy Product Magisword (Prohyas; 2)
  • Flower Power Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Bunch of Little Holes Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Instant Wrap Magisword (Prohyas; 2)
  • Microwave Magisword (Prohyas; 1)
  • Wickersnapper Magisword (Prohyas; 2)

Production notes

  • This episode is actually based on an outline episode idea creator Kyle Carrozza wrote for the series' pre-cursor, Legendary Warriors for Hire entitled "Lord Skullblood". The differences is that rather than being treated to a banquet from saving the Kotassians from a threat, the Warriors begin in the episode by trying to save them. Another difference is that rather than Vambre, Phil ate the muffin. The muffin, originally named Lord Skullblood, was actually alive and depicted to have a Gary Owens-based voice. Instead of declaring war on Rhyboflavin, they saw fit to punish Vambre only. Also, the ending was different. Originally, instead of Prohyas making muffin kings for all the Kotassians, they had Phil distract the Kotassians by disguising as the king and the Kotassians were under the influence of his poor impression, which they laughed at, that they no longer needed a king and decided to think freeley without him. Also, the villagers were depicted as being huge rather than small.
  • When the story was set for the Magiswords production, some of the bits were originally suppose to be for a 5-minute short now currently entitled "Groundmouths" (although the short had the same title as the episode "They See Me Trolllblin"), and would feature mysterious beasts known as the Groundmouths. The short was initially for a season-long arch lost-story but was later scrapped.


  • This short features the guest voice of "Weird Al" Yankovic as Papa Kotassian. Weird Al is one of Kyle's influences in music, and the two met numerous times before his role on Magiswords. Kyle even stated that Al was a better accordionist than he.
  • Vambre's stomach growled at the end of this episode.

Real world references