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Deerius the Furious (formerly known as The Sales Deer) is an inhabitant of Transylberia who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, Flirty Phantom. He is voiced by supervising director, Ken Mitchroney.


The Sales Deer is an anthropomorphic deer wearing a business salesman attire. When he became "Deerius the Furious", he discorded his bussiness man attire in favor of a super stretchy headband and bulked up immensely.


The Sales Deer has an upbeat and cheerful personality when he first encountered the Warriors for Hire, eager to sale them his wares.

However, after Prohyas put him the hole, it dramatically traumatized him, not only because of the long dark fall he had, but the event made him feel like a "throwaway gag," making him more aggressive, and having traumatic flashbacks whenever he sees One Big Hole Magisword.

TV series

In his first appearance, he try to sell Prohyas something but Prohyas used the One Big Hole Magisword on him causing him to fall down, leading him to be traumatized.

For the following 2 years, he spent training, bulking up and learning to his headband as a weapon.

He makes a return in Pachydermus Packard and the Camp of Fantasy, where he comes back to face the warriors for what they have done to him. While his training manage to counter the warriors,even allowing him to actually interupt their magisword draws and theirSuper Teamwork Combo). However, when he tried to the same to Mr. Pachydermus, he was left open when Pachydermus wielded the One Big Hole Magisword with his trunk and sent Deerius into a big hole again.