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Cattus the One Blade is a wise and notable cat as well as a former student of Adventure Academy who debuted in the Mighty Magiswords: Adventure Academy shorts. His adult self debuts in the TV series episode, School's In, Oh Bummer!. He is voiced by series' storyboard artist and writer, Luke Ski.


Cattus appeared as a tall blue cat with white patches and a very lean body. His limbs were noticeably slim while his hands and feet are much larger in size. He has 6 whiskers on his face and two more coming from both ears. His main clothing of choice is his black suit with blue sleeves and pants while his gloves and boots are a light brown. In contrast to other characters from the show, he wears a long sash on his back holding his magisword rather than a traditional pouch on his waist. He always wears a scarf around his neck.

As a student in the Academy Shorts, he like the other classmates is shorter compared to Cyrus but is slightly taller than most. He wore a traditional blue academy jacket and red pants, but his scarf almost always covered his mouth regardless if the situation. His sash also appeared more like an actual longsword rather than his Whirlwind Magisword.


When he was in Adventure Academy, Cattus spoke in a low, calm tone of voice, and was very peaceful and nurturing. In the present, while he still has a calm voice, he is now more openly expressive, and has a carefree and happy-go-lucky attitude. He often punctuates his statements with "for great justice!", regardless of the context.

Cattus lives a nomadic life, largely free from wants and desires beyond the need to "do good". He often shows up without notice, typically with great excitement. Though he is skilled at Magiswords, he openly declares the Whirlwind Magisword is the only weapon he needs.

Cattus is prone to fits of cat-like behavior, including batting at cat toys, being terrified of water and vacuum cleaners, and hiding under couches when alarmed. He often revels in cat-based pleasures, rationalizing them afterwards.

Adventure Academy shorts

In his debut short, during roll call, Cattus announced his reason for enrollment was due to his dedication for helping others.


Kyle's first Cattus design

The character was created in 2014 by Kyle Carrozza and made his debut in the Magiswords series. Unlike most characters featured in the show, Cattus' design was unchanged during his implementation.


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