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Buford is the owner of the Rhyboflavin Bazaar who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, Felonious Prose. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Buford looks like an elderly man wearing a green robe and orange pants. He also has purple eyes and wears contact lenses.


Buford has an upbeat personality and speaks with a Southern accent. He can also be quite rude as he ignored Witch Way and pushed them out of his way towards the end of the episode, after leaving Warriors for Hire HQ. He tends to say "Pardon" when bumping into others or when just pushing people out of his way. Under the teachings of Wendell the Love Grub, he has a peaceful and easy-going demeanor to tie with his personality in contrast to rival Docky Boardman's ill-temperament.


He makes his first short debut in "Phil's in the House" where he hires the Warriors to find the pick pocket, in which Phil swiped his clothes. After the Warriors arrest Phil, he rewards them with gems.

TV series

In his first appearance, Felonious Prose, he hires the Warriors to find his lost contact lens in the "I" of Lvysheria which irritated Witch Way as they wanted him to contact their services instead. He kept of repeadingly bumping into everyone due to his half blindness. The lens was actually literally found in the giant "I" statue in the Lvysheria sign. At the end of the episode, he finally receives his contact lens and proceeds on his way while pushing Witch Way out his path while saying "Pardon".

On his prominent appearance, Docky & Buford's Decidedly Pathetic Adventure, Buford and Docky's businesses were running slow so in Buford's suggestion of a mascot, they go to the Sheepy Jungle to get one; which they end up with a Ramblyboo. Upon entering the Ramblyboo's stomach, Docky gets continuously annoyed from being stuck inside as well as Buford's antics. After contacting the Warriors, they ended up deep inside the Ramblyboo's body where they end up on a tropical resort-like area run by conceirge Scuttle. Both of them get waived hand and foot by him, and Docky realized that the Ramblyboo is a perfect outfit for him. Docky gets annoyed by the Warriors trying to save him after he told them that their services are no longer needed, influencing him to yell at them. But the Warriors' actions caused them to land on the water, which sends the two of a tied. Docky promises the Warriors triple the pay for rescuing them. Vambre saves them with the Hyperspace Magisword, and Docky pays the Warriors only a lump sum as he lied about his promise. The Ramblyboo is teleported to the Rhyboflavin Boardwalk and Docky returns to the Ramblyboo's stomach to get pampered.


  • His appearance bears a slight resemblance to his voice actor, Jim Cummings.
  • On the short "Whose Hyas is it Anyway?", Nohyas lyingly mentions that the Warriors had a relative named Uncle Buford. Whether or not this co-relates to this Buford remains unconfirmed but considering how Nohyas lied can prove it simply isn't the case.