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The Brotherhood of Thieves is a cult of the series' thieves in Mighty Magiswords. The cult made it's first appearance in the episode, Thick as Thieves.


Phil the Pilferer

Grand Poobah

Grand Poobah is the leader of the Brotherhood of Thieves and top of the Thieves of the Year chart. Grand Poobah warns Phil that his ranking will not increase unless he steals something valuable that no one in the Brotherhood of Thieves stole first. She swiped the Sharing Hammer from Phil. She is voiced by Candi Milo.





Calika is a female cat thief, and one of the few female thieves in the cult. Phil swiped the Sharing Hammer from her. Calika had several doubts on Phil's attempt to rise up his rank. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Rob Heist

Rob Heist is a thief wearing a turban, and the least talkative out of the bunch. Phil swiped his mother's eating pendant, which he claims that her mother wears it when she eats. He is voiced by Eric Bauza.

Ranking for Thief of the Year

  1. Grand Poobah
  2. Thieve's Kyle (based on creator Kyle A. "TV's Kyle" Carrozza)
  3. Nick Bertonasty (based on supervising director Nick Bentozzonni)
  4. Hold-em Up Hubburd
  5. Ryan the Ransacker
  6. Shawn Takeshikian (based on series technical director Shawn Toshikian)
  7. Scotty Skedaddle
  8. Anush Snachinian (based on background designer Anush Shaginian)
  9. Gregary Beggary (based on background designer Gregory Bow)
  10. Richard Purse-steal (based on story editor Richard D. Pursel)
  11. Lila Bandina (based on model/character designer Lila Gonzales)
  12. Zoe Loss (based on storyboard artist Zoe Moss)
  13. No-Good Newton
  14. Calika
  15. Brevetia the Really Good at Taking Other People's Things
  16. Phil the Pilferer (previously ranked 40th)
  17. Discountio the Five-Fingered
  18. Grabby Green (based on storyboard artist Drew Green)
  19. David Esteals (based on director David Estes)
  20. Stephen So-wrong (based on storyboard artist Steven Sawran)
  21. The Great Luke Swipe (based on storyboard artist, revisionist, writer and voice artist, Luke "The Great Luke Ski" Sienkowski)
  22. Rob Heist
  23. Lindzilla (based on character designer and voice actress, Lindsay Carrozza)
  24. Felinus the Purrloiner
  25. Clay the Morially Malible (based on storyboard artist Clay Lindvall)
  26. Krystal the Kleptop (based on storyboard artist Krystal Ureta)
  27. Birda
  28. Jimmy Two-Hands
  29. Handsome Randy
  30. Perry Poacher (based on production manager Rochelle Perry)
  31. Emmy the Beezler
  32. Steel N. Goodes
  33. Blackmailin' Brent
  34. M.T. Pockets
  35. The Berry Burglar (based on storyboard artist John Berry)
  36. Wheatwork Wittliam
  37. Sticky-Fingers Amber
  38. Ken Snitchroney (based on supervising director and voice artist, Ken Mitchroney)
  39. Ms. Appropriate
  40. Naso (previously ranked 16th)



  • Many of the thieves from the Thieves of the Year bulletin board are named after several crew members from the Mighty Magiswords series such as Kyle Carrozza as Thieve's Kyle and Luke Ski as The Great Luke Swipe.