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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

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  • Redfox90210

    This review were made by I.R. Shokew & Glasscake

    Part 3:

    Like Water for Bimm (Mid High Tier) - I'll give it props for showing more development for Catty Rumpus, especially Bimm. I also found her adorable as a water creature at one point. This episode came out pretty good. This would be the first truly great episode in this batch, had Vambre come off so OOC (at best) / punchable (at worst) for over half the episode. Plus, if I didn't bring it up earlier, this is where I feel this show's animation / art-style budget really took a hit. Almost everything looks and feels so cheap, now - something I definitely noticed in this episode's climax with the water demon fight, for example.

    The Ballad of Sailor Sidney (Mid Tier) - I was disappointed that Si…

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  • Redfox90210

    This review was made by I.R. Shokew & Glasscake

    So, here we are at the end of this rough-around-the-edges series... Let's critique/praise/diss on some stuff:

    Part 1:

    Warts and All (Low Tier) - Our first act of return for this series soon-to-end... And it's a real drag to sit through. At the very least, we know why Witchy Simone is so bad at what she does most of the time: abusing substitutes are NOT the answer to everything - taking the cheap way out is almost as wasteful as being hasty on things, after all. Not helping, Prohyas comes off dumber than usual, alongside Witchy Simone, making it all the more a chore to sit through. It's time like this where Vambre should've punched some faces in at the end - out of disciplinary love.

    Manlier Fish t…

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    If you are a Mighty Magiswords fan and My Hero Academia (i didn't watch this anime yet) fan, here's the video for you. Update 9/5/2019: The original video has taken down and so is the channel, so I had to reupload on Streamable.

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  • Undertaleforlife111

    hi I'm undertaleforlife111 I hope we00 can get along nicely.

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    I don't know if the Crossover Nexus is canon or not, but let's begin shall we?

    1. Prohyas is a idiotic hero of the Mighty Magiswords series.
    2. In the series finale, Rad came here to help Witchy Simone which is counts to be a canon.
    3. In the one of the episodes from OK KO, Adventure Academy has mentioned.
    4. Everyone wants the Mighty Magiswords and OK KO Let's Be Heroes crossover which is made to the series finale.
    5. X send him to the CN City which is abandoned because of X.
    6. I'll coming up for the ideas soon...
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  • Frozarburst

    One day during the years of the Rhybloflaven Adventure Academy, the class of Professor Cyrus leave out after yet another session where the teacher throws a Magisword in Bunky the Closet after the Warriors for Hire used them against the curriculum. This time, Prohyas used it when Bimm was stuck in expanding whol and couldn’t use the shearing tool.

    Prohyas leaving out the room: I just don’t understand why he won’t let us use at least one Magisword! Doesn’t he know it makes things a lot easier?

    Vambre leaving out the room: Well, he did say it wasn’t part of the curriculum. But some of these lesson require a bit of expertise we don’t have, nor anyone else in that regard. No offence to them, of course.

    Cattus coming over to Bimm: Are you alright, …

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  • Frozarburst

    These are some character bios for my Toon Wars and Magiswords stories for those new to them and the show. And also give some background on them. Note that some of these bios are told to us by Vambre and Prohyas themselves for fun!

    • Trenchard the Lanolion - 'When you get yourself cornered by a gang of crooks, Trench is there to save you! Trenchard is a male lanolion who Bimm says once punched her and her brother in the stomach during a scene transition (see The Lanolion Sleeps Tonight) but came back to she and Cattus in a very playful mood and became a great friend of theirs. He can still be a bit hot tempered, but he's still a faithful companion to have along with Goddard and Bobert in the Toon Force. His favorite hobby is training in combat …
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  • Frozarburst

    In the Toon Force H.Q. in Retroville...

    Jimmy: Thanks for coming to help me pay these bills for lab, Simone.

    Simone: Yeah, no problem! I got nothin' better to do, so, figured I'd come an hang with ya.

    Danny: Why are we supposed to do this again?

    Yuki: Because while you were gone, the lab was ruined in a major attack.

    Danny: Oh yeah...That happened.

    Jimmy: I've got much of the damages repaired, but, the bills for the patches and replacement equipment need to be paid. And I need you guys to help me with that.

    Timmy: How long do you think it'll take to finish all this?

    Jimmy: 6 hours.

    Timmy: WHAT?!

    Jimmy: Based on the number of stacks of paperwork concerning all the patches and the parts needed to make said equipment, it will take us from this hour, 7 …

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  • Frozarburst

    Magiswords Echoes Part 4

    September 3, 2018 by Frozarburst

    Hello everyone! I never thought to release my Magiswords fan fic trilogy up here as blog posts. So I'm gonna give it a shot and see how it goes. If you wanna see the earlier 3 chapters, visit my page on or Deviantart. Enjoy the crossover! 

    The wreckage of the smaller false space station continues to float by the massive factory with no trace of anyone left from the explosion. However, just as all hope seems lost, some of our heroes reappear trapped in a floating exo shield created using Phibby's shield!

    Phibby: Phew..! That was a close one! I didn't even know this baby could do that!

    Cattus: I didn't know it could do that either!

    Plunderbite looking around hastily: My crew..! ...I...I don't see them anywhere..! They've gotta be …

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    Here are the reasons why I need the movie from the canon timeline where Hoppus having his revenge after 3 months of jail.

    1. Witchy Simone meets Danelda on the episode "Team of Broccoli", but haven't meet Hoppus.
    2. In my upcoming fan-made animation "Hoppus' Return to Rhyboflavin", Danelda set Hoppus free... ...but for his revenge on Warriors for Hire.
    3. Noville hasn't meet Hoppus yet.
    4. Me and my friend made the 2 unoffical crying scenes of Hoppus on the fan-made comic "The Angry German Kid Christmas 2017 (GeneBernardinoLawl)" and we didn't see him crying on the future episodes of the series since it's over.
    5. Hoppus is completely insane about dying in hunger, according to the episode "Hangry Hangry Hoppus"
    6. Danelda should fight with Hoppus again since on t…
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  • Frozarburst

    I realize my Echoes story is really taking forever to make now that I'm in school. So while everyone's waiting on that, here's a quick short I thought of to add humor into the situation :) Enjoy the crossover!

    In Jimmy Neutron's lab, the Warriors for Hire finish helping the boy genius with the repairs to one of his many inventions!

    Jimmy: Thank you, Warriors! It looks just like new again! Just how it should be!

    Vambre taking off her goggles: No problem, Neutron!

    Prohyas: Yeah! But what exactly is this thing? Almost all your tech is big and red like this one.

    Jimmy: Oh, that's supposed to be the Super Coffee Machine. It brews and mixes all sorts of morning flavors, like French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mocha, Mint. This way we won't have to go to…

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  • Frozarburst

    This is a Parody of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer Series

    Be sure to check them out on Youtube in both Screen Junkies and Smosh Gaming!

    Before the worst year for cartoons ended, and many of Cartoon Network’s shows lost ratings or barely got advertised, one fanfiction will stand up to unlock the hidden potential of one of the most gimmicky american shows of all time...before the second season came out several months after the fact and made everything better.

    Before Frozarburst could make Toon Wars; a successful crossover series with a large viewership count in total of each current saga since day one; and after making How to train your Hero; a somewhat less successful crossover series that was made as far as 2013, lasted 3 volumes, and took itse…

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  • Redfox90210

    Flatmate 11-12

    August 21, 2018 by Redfox90210

    This was the last chapter of the "Flatmate" saga. Happy reading!

    Chapter 11

    At Witchy Simone's apartment.

    Prohyas and Simone were trying to brew a position together, using the book Prohyas bought.

    "Okay, I'm gonna actually pass Adventure Academy I need to be able to make some tough positions. And the invulnerable position is as tough as they get." Simone mentioned as she held one end of the book.

    "I got us all of the ingredients." Prohyas announced with a black eye and a few bruises, as he held the other end over the book.

    Simone looked at him for a moment. "Are you sure you don't want me to look at them?" Simone asked as she pointed to his injuries.

    "It's fine, it's fine" Prohyas waved her off.

    Witchy look at him a little longer before shrugging.…

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  • Frozarburst

    Hoppus: Quickly! We must use the Combiner Magisword again to plow through these foes!

    Gateaux: I'm trying to get it to work, but I can't! It won't let me without Jimmy's packets!

    Simone: Darn boy genius must've forgot to tell us it don't last but a few minutes!

    Mabarnacle and Bimm’s ears twitch and they immediately turn to the the far distance away from the town square where an army of new ball-like robots start rolling toward everyone at high speeds!

    Old Man: Uh oh. Here come the neighbors!

    MHW: I’m guessing they’re bringing in bigger numbers this time after you plowed through that last wave.

    Morbidia: I just hope you old folk know how to fight.

    Mabarnacle: Just sit there, will ya lads? And we'll show ye how we done things back in my day.


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  • Redfox90210

    Flatmate 9-10

    August 20, 2018 by Redfox90210

    Chapter 9

    At The Barren Faceland. Sandy!

    Simone was flying her Golden Broomstick Magisword with Prohyas on the back through a raging sandstorm. "I can't see notin'!" Simone called out over the roaring winds. Using one hand to drive and the other to hold onto her hat.

    "Don't you have a spell for this!?" Prohyas asked as he shielded his eyes.

    "Messin' with a cloud or two, is one thing! Stopin' the wind itself is another!" Simone answers back.

    Suddenly a smaller version of the Legendary Knowledge Magisword appears. "Witchy! We need to Land!" He announces as the mini Magisword disappears.

    "You do know what's causing this sandstorm, right!?" Simone questions. On que a loud snore rearranges the sand beneath them, and redirects the flow of the wind. Th…

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  • Redfox90210

    Flatmate 7-8

    August 19, 2018 by Redfox90210

    Chapter 7

    Simone and Prohyas were on the Golden Broomstick Magisword and being chased by Frostferatu through Transylberia in his bat forum. Snow battered the faces of the three. "He's following us!" Prohyas called out.

    "Then do something about it!" Simone responded.

    "On it!"

    Zombie Pumpkin Magisword.

    "Is that Frostferatu?" Zombie Pumpkin asked.

    "Yeah, do you think you can rid of him buddy?" Prohyas asked.

    "I can try. But he's very grumpy." Z.P. responds. Prohyas gives Zombie Pumpkin a handful of pumpkin seeds. Z.P. ate them and then spat them at Frostferatu. Frostferatu dodged the constant fire of seeds. Prohyas stopped firing and groaned. "Hold still Frosty!" He called.

    "That's not my..." Prohyas quickly fired seeds at him, and the seeds grew vin…

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  • Redfox90210

    Flatmate 5-6

    August 19, 2018 by Redfox90210

    Chapter 5

    Prohyas found himself flying through the air with a stone slate with engravings on it. Prohyas was suddenly picked out of the air by Monkey Chunks. "Be careful Monkey Chunks, we do not want to damage the slab. Mmm-hmm." Bibila advised from the Sasquatch's shoulder.

    "One accent slab, straight from the Dinosaur kingdom. Just as you asked." Prohyas spoke with pride as he offered it to Bibila, who stretched her arms to a ridiculous degree and swapped the slab for a bag of gems.

    "This will really tie the Jurassic section together. Mmm-hmm." Bibila mentioned.

    "Wouldn't a rug do the same job?" Prohyas asked.

    This caused an awkward silence until Monkey Chunks decided to throw Prohyas into the air. "Good boy." Biblia praised.

    Soon, at Norman an…

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  • Redfox90210

    Flatmate pt 3-4

    August 18, 2018 by Redfox90210

    The Magiswords Flatmate saga continues...

    Chapter 3

    Last time, Prohyas and Witchy Simone had just finished escorting Princess Zange while she shopped for clothes. Simone was exhausted and had a twisted ankle from the fighting pirates. But as soon as they got back, they was interrupted by a blinding light.


    The light subsided to show that they was inside a cave. "Where are we?" Simone asked as she looked around.

    "Beats me." Came a familiar voice. Simone and Prohyas turned around to see it was Familiar himself and Bimm was by his side.

    "I think I know where this is going." Prohyas commented with a deadpan tone.

    "Do you?" A high pitch voice questioned, and with a crackle of lightning the owner of the voice appeared. It was none other than Mr Flu…

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  • Redfox90210


    August 17, 2018 by Redfox90210

    This fanfic is written and story by Numbah10-4

    Chapter 1

    At Slug-burger, cholesterol!

    It was a normal day for Witchy Simone as she was taking customers orders, and handing out of the requested food. She handed a customer a tray, loaded with their requested items, they moved aside, revealing a sobbing Prohyas.

    Prohyas was stood with his arms sagging while his over sized flowed constant rivers of tears.

    "Prohyas!?" Witchy Simone gasped. "What happened!? Where's Vamber!?"

    Prohyas tried to speak but in came out as nothing more than babbling.

    Simone was brought back to the last time she saw him like this. It was back when they went to adventure academy, and Prohyas had lost Dolphin Magisword. Vamber asked Simone to try and comfort him while she search…

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  • Redfox90210

    Kitty Love

    August 16, 2018 by Redfox90210

    This fanfic story 8s weitten by Karaifan16

    At Warrior for Hire HQ

    Vamber was reading the latest volume in the 'Veronica Victorious' series while lying down on the couch. "This has got to be the best volume yet," she said as she flipped through the pages. She then heard a knock at the door, she got up and open the door and saw that it was hers and Prohyas former classmate Bimm. "Bimm, what brings you here? Do you and Familiar need help on a job?"

    "Uh, actually I came here to get you advice on something. May I come in?" Bimm asked.

    "Well of course, come sit down," Vamber said as she let her in. They sat down on the couch. Grup came in with cup of milk on his plate for their guest. "This is Grup, our roommate and best friend," she said introducin…

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  • Redfox90210

    This fanfiction belongs to DanXGoodWolf

    Announcer: At Mount M'all! Supply and Demand!

    • At the large indoor shopping plaza, as with other shoppers, Darrin was about shopping for a few special supplies*

    Darrin: [checking list] Okay, let's see! Still need to head for the Printed Page for some of Vambre's books, then the apothicary for Drew's potion stuff, and then... *Suddenly the sound of fireworks starts to go off* What in the world? Is the mall under attack? *he goes off to explore the incident*

    • It would then, Darrin found out it would Morbidia and Gateaux from Witch Way who caused the fireworks*

    Morbidia: *Exageratted* Come to Witch Way! For All your Adventuring, Witchcraft, and Spellcasting needs!

    Gateaux: Witchcraft!

    Morbidia: Witch Way! Purveyor…

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  • Redfox90210

    This fanfic belonging to Jamesdean5842.

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  • Frozarburst

    Hey guys! There was an earlier version of one of my fanfictions, Pax Morbidia, that I never used nor did I finish. The reason for this is because at the time of me making this, I didn't want to have a lengthy miniseries for more than at least 4 parts that would've covered a ton of information. So I went with the short version to cut for time. But I did have some scenes already drafted and some art of what it would be like. Hope you guys enjoy it! Here's the never before seen drafts; each having something to do with Morbidia

    Draft 1 Plot: Morbidia meets her parents again when they go on adventure to try and find the legendary Final Magisword, only for them to learn that it's just a myth and go crazy over it.

    Draft 2 Plot: After the Adventure A…

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  • Frozarburst

    Hello everyone! If you don't already know, I'm the creator of one of three of the only few Magiswords fan stories online, as well as the first (though if you look closely on, there were two crossovers that predated mine, but for Magiswords alone, I was the first, but, y'know). I confess, I didn't expect so many people to check out what I wrote. I go to Youtube to some videos about Magiswords, and people are like "OMG, IT'S FROZARBURST" and I'm just like "...Hello." I've never had something like this happen before, and I'm very proud to have made a fanfiction people recognize and enjoy. And not only did the story become a success, but the amount of fan art I've made had also been noticed. It's a pretty big deal to me when one…

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    FOR THE CREATOR OF THE FAN BASED REWORKED PLOT: This is one of my favorite episodes I have so far.

    Only the dialogue of the altered scenes. I will tell you the unaltered ones.

    Danelda goes to the Pirates to find out where's Hoppus going. But however...

    • Hoppus: *sigh* What am I doing?
    • Hoppus: I think this is it. *knock the door*
    • Kablammica: *open the door that Hoppus got hit* Oh my! Are you okay, Hoppus?
    • Hoppus: Uhhh... That be a honor to be crashed by you ma'am.
    • Kablammica: Is anything I can help you?
    • Hoppus: Can I... uhhh... have some delicious broccoli soup you have?
    • Kablammica: Sure, come on in. I have some of them.
    • Narrator: Soon...
    • Kablammica: Here it go!
    • Hoppus: Thank you ma'am.
    • Kablammica: You are welcome.
    • Hoppus: You know, you are better for maki…

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  • Frozarburst

    Hey guys! My review of Mighty Magiswords here in this blog post is actually a repost of a full review I did on Deviantart without the emoticons and some slight changes since the date it was uploaded on (May 18, 2018 to be exact). So if you wanna read it the way it should be, just check out the page [[1]]. This was just my personal opinion of season 1 and bits of season 2, and if you disagree with the points I've made, that's A-OK. I'll try not to hold back on this! Hope you guys enjoy it!

    What's up everyone! Vsauce here, and I'm back from surgery, finishing up the Samurai Jack saga of  myToon Wars crossover, and going back to check on College and job searching to talk about something I feel deserves a bit more attention and some useful cri…

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