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Biblia Tick is the librarian at the Library of Shhh! who speaks in a quiet voice and debuts in the short "Do We Decimal System?". She is voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza.


Biblia is a short, elderly woman with purple hair, a blue robe and a pink top with blue boots.


Biblia is nice and sweet, as long as the patreons in the library follow the rules and remain quiet. She enlists three strikes to anyone who breaks the rules and if all strikes are done, she and her pet sasquatch, Monkey Chunks, escorts them out of the library. She also has a verbal tic, "mmm-hmm", which she says after each sentence.


Biblia welcomes the Warriors to the library and tells them the directory of the book there looking for. Due to the Warriors excessive bungling, she warms them that any continuation will result to them being removed from the premises. However, the Warriors failed to do so and Biblia was set to remove them until Witchy Simone distracted her while the Warriors try to look for the book.

TV Series

Biblia and Monkey Chunks return in The Tome of Morrow where they try to get the Tome of Marrow book from the Warriors and Noville. The pair fought against them and when the Warriors plan to do a Super Teamwork Combo, Monkey Chunks knocks Prohyas down. With a clear route of winning, the two were flawed out when Noville and Vambre activated the Super Teamwork Combo, I Want My Mummy, summoning a mummy cat to jump on Monkey Chunk's head. This causes the Anubis Guarddogs to chase after Monkey Chunks causing him to run away from the tome.


  • Her voice is based on Mickey Mouse. Even her verbal tic is based on Mickey's laugh.
  • Her name is based on the word "biblioteca" which is Spanish for library hinting out her profession as a librarian.
  • Even though masks shot from the Mask Magisword are said to be irremovable, Biblia can take them off with ease.