The Attacktus is a monster who appeared in the Mighty Magiswords episode Attacktus. His appearance is based on that of a punk rocker.

TV Shorts

He was formed when Prohyas used the Dolphin Water move to water a cactus. The jewel on the Attacktus' chest was the Cactus Monster and the Warriors have to get the gem from him. Vambre tried to use the Mummy Magisword on him but he grabbed the rope and threw her away. As Prohyas was about to attack the Attacktus with the Chainsaw Magisword, the Attacktus was scared until Princess Zange revealed that it's immuned to chainsaws. Now angry, he begins shooting cactuses at Prohyas. But later, Vambre comes back on a hover sword and uses her Lobster Claw Magisword to unscrew the jewel from his chest.

As the Warriors were about to head home, they notice the Attacktus crying because his chest is bare. Prohyas' motherly passion came through and he decided to use the Cheese Magisword to give the Attacktus a cheese wheel in place of his jewel. The Attacktus shouts WOOHOO! in joy and starts to develop an attraction to Prohyas and Vambre and hugs them which hurts due to his needles. He follows them home and as Prohyas tells him that he can't live with them and he has to go back to the Barren Faceland, the Attacktus does not respond as he's still lovestruck which Prohyas walks away, given up.