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Witch Way Productions
• 8/11/2018

Notes from the last podcast a month agohttps://youtu.be/e69rNf75qTs

So the things that Kyle and Luke vaguely described in the next set of eps.are..
1)One or two of the characters will b bouncing right into a conversation or end
2)Some parts in a episode were a little 'talky' so they had to cut it (for time probably)
3)One episode might have characters having tender moments
4)Unknown element coming soon
5)So far, they have the music and animation done(not sure about the storyboards)
6)(For Arin Hanson fans)Arin says the most chaotic line in a unknown episode
7)Special Leads
8)One of the episodes might b better than 'GOAT!'
9)There is one episode that is appropriate for Halloween
And finally..
10)They're finding out when more stuff will air (So don't worry though!)
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Witch Way Productions
• 9/12/2018
Are u 4 reals??? Magiswords just ended. Finito!
• 9/16/2018
That was only or the second half of season 2 long time ago
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